7 Steps to a Business You Love 

Coaching Topics

1: Your Career -Then and Now

In this first session, we’ll take a look at how your career today is different from your vision when you started your career. We’ll identify any limiting thoughts or beliefs that may be preventing you from fully embracing a career and life you love.

  • What was your vision, passion & purpose when you started your career?
  • Where is your career today? Why did your career go off track?
  • What limiting beliefs are stopping you from moving forward?

2: Letting Go of the Career You “Should” Love

Although you’re tired and frustrated, there is a reason you are still in your current career. Is it because you’re successful financially so you shouldn’t complain, or because “everyone” thinks you should be happy? In this session we’ll explore the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a career you don’t love.

  • Identify the reasons you’re still in your current career
  • Explore the limiting beliefs that keep you in a career you don’t love
  • Learn some techniques to start letting go of the career you’ve invested in and think you “should” love

3: You Are Your Career

Who are you? Knowing you who are (including your personality style, working style, strengths, preferences and values) is essential to creating the career and life that brings passion, purpose and meaning every day.

  • Identify your personality style, working style, strengths, preferences and values
  • Connect who you are to your career goals
  • Clarify your passion, purpose and definition of success

4: Do What You Love

Now that you know who you are, it’s time to apply all that great information to defining what you truly love to do, how you love to do it, and who you love to do it with. What is your ideal day and ideal work day? What type of workplace screams you?

  • Define what you love to do and how you prefer to work
  • Explore what your ideal day looks like, and how your ideal work day fits in
  • Identify your ideal workplace

5: Dream & Scheme Your Ideal Career

It’s now time to set the wheels in motion and apply everything you’ve learned about yourself so far to exploring some new career paths. This is the time for research, exploration, networking and turtle steps.

  • Identify some possible real career options
  • Research your new career options
  • Conduct some real-world exploration to test out these new career paths

6: Make Your Ideal Career a Reality

In Step 5, we identified some potential career paths. Is there one that you get energized and excited just thinking about? If so, it’s time to put a plan in place to make this new career path a reality.

  • Narrow down your number one career path
  • Put a plan in place to make your new career path a reality
  • Identify some turtle steps you can take right now to move in your new direction

7: Manage Change Back Attacks

Change is scary, and not everyone will support your new career path. In fact, often it’s those closest to you who put up the most resistance. Learn why changebacks are normal and to be expected, and how to manage them and move forward into a career you love – and not be tempted to go back to the easier path of pleasing others and sacrificing your happiness.

  • Learn why your new career path may be scary to others
  • Understand what a changeback is and how to manage an attack
  • Resolve to stay committed to your new career path and stop “shoulding” on yourself.