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 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

7 StepsWhile this may be hard for some business owners to come to grips with, like those who feel that “marketing is a strange form of creative voodoo thinking,” marketing is not only a system—it may be the most important system in any business.

Here are the 7 core steps that make up the simple, effective, and affordable Duct Tape Marketing System. Businesses that appreciate and implement this approach to marketing grow in a consistent and predictable manner.

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Building Your Content Foundation

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.40.25 PMContent is the key to your marketing strategy. It is how your message is told, how you guide your customers through the Marketing Hourglass and, ultimately, how you convert prospects into clients.

But you can’t just dive in and start creating content. You must first build a foundation upon which your house of content can be built. The stronger your foundation, the more impressive and impactful your content can be.

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Guiding an End to End Customer Journey – How to Create the Perfect Customer Experience Every Time

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 3.13.26 PMThe customer journey is what every single one of your customers and clients experiences when they interact with your business. Creating a consistent, positive experience is what sets great businesses apart. Your customers
know what to expect when they keep coming back, and they know what to recommend to their friends. But too many businesses end their experience at the sale, when in reality they should be focusing on those recommendations and referrals.

You are always looking to improve how your business takes care of your customers to earn repeat business and referrals, but how do you do that? Begin by thinking about the customer journey, and try to improve every step along the way.

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Building Business Brands: Every Business Has A Brand – Are You Building Yours Intentionally?

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 1.19.15 PM

If asked, most business owners would probably say that their brand is defined by something as simple as their logo. Ask any potential customer, however, and you’ll probably get a different answer.

The truth is, when a customer thinks about their favorite brands and businesses, they usually think about the people that work there, the buying experience or even culture. Their view of your business and product goes far beyond your logo.

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Strategy Matters: Why You Must Develop A Solid Strategy Before You Do Anything Else

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 1.59.43 PMUsing a smart, well-crafted marketing strategy is critical to your business achieving marketing goals, but many people misunderstand what a marketing strategy truly is. Marketing strategy isn’t your goals or objectives, it is a concise explanation of how you plan to reach those objectives.

With that in mind, this month we focused exclusively on marketing strategy, compiling some great posts that will help you define your marketing strategy. We spend some time thinking about content marketing, and the many tools and tricks you need to complete your content marketing goals.

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Create a Referral Engine – Building a consistent flow of leads without spending a dime on advertising

Referral EngineThe power of glitzy advertising and elaborate marketing campaigns is on the wane; word- of-mouth referrals are what drive business today. People trust the recommendation of a friend, family member, colleague, or even stranger with similar tastes over anything thrust at them by a faceless company.

This eBook will show you how to craft a strategy that compels customers and partners to voluntarily participate in your marketing, to create positive buzz about your products and services to friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

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The Crazy Busy Marketer’s Guide to Content Creation in the Real World Copy

Content CreationIn this 34 page guide we’ve attempted to help make sense of the foundational need for more and more content in the most practical manner possible.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Content Creation Strategy
  • The Essential Types of Content
  • Stages of the Content Hourglass
  • Getting an Education Through Content Creation
  • How to Use a Content Platform as Referral Tool
  • My Content Amplification System

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How to Build a Remarkable Business by Focusing On the Total Customer Experience

Hourglass7 mini case studies guide the way to using The Marketing Hourglass process to turn your focus squarely on the customer.

In this free 22 page eBook, you’ll learn how to develop the 7 touch points listed below in order to complete the Hourglass for your business, content, product launches and campaigns.

1. Know – Your ads, article, and referred leads
2. Like – Your web site, reception, and email newsletter
3. Trust – Your marketing kit, white papers, and sales presentations
4. Try – Webinars, evaluations, and nurturing activities
5. Buy – Fulfillment, new customer kit, delivery, and financial arrangements
6. Repeat – Post customer survey, cross-sell presentations, and quarterly events
7. Refer – Results reviews, partner introductions, peer 2 peer webinars, and community building

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7 Essential Stages of a Total Online Presence from Duct Tape Marketing

Total Online PresenceYour online presence is your key to success no matter what your business sells – no matter if all of your transactions are done face-to-face – no matter if you don’t yet see a way to get a return from your Facebook page – no matter if you’ve never bought an online ad.

Discover the core components needed to build your Total Online Presence including specific details and action items for each stage.

The content in this eBook is a showcase of the thinking that we put into our full course called Total Online Presence. We think that once you get a taste of structure and depth of organization you’ll want to experience the detailed “how to” lessons built into the course.

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How to Create a Marketing Strategy That Is Perfect for Your Business

StrategyStrategy and tactics must go hand in hand in order for a business to achieve a measure of true momentum, but an effective strategy must be in place before any set of tactics make sense.

This Sun Tzu quote, borrowed from the Art of War, pretty much sums up my feeling on the subject – “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Download this free eBook today and learn the secrets to developing the one perfect marketing strategy for your business.

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 The Total Online Presence Blueprint eBook

BlueprintI’ve been taking business owners through my Total Online Presence Program of late and the
comprehensive nature of this mindset is certainly reinforcing the overwhelming amount of stuff there is to do online if you are to tap the full potential of building a Total Online Presence.

You must come to think of building a Total Online Presence as an intention and a continuous work in progress.

With that in mind, I present a 12-month plan of attack or blueprint for working on your presence in the coming year. I’ve long taught this “live by the calendar” approach as I think it helps business owners, who wear many hats, get above the overwhelm by taking it topic by topic and manageable bit by bit in an attempt to forge something that looks like continuous progress.

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50 Simple Lead Generation Tactics Lead GenerationThis ebook is a compilation of lead generation tactics taken from the wild over the years by John Jantsch and the growing army of Duct Tape Marketing Consultants.Each example lists the type of business that put the tactic to use but don’t limit your thinking to your type of business only. In most cases, with just a bit of tweaking you can apply the same approach to your business.

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Manage Energy Not Time

Manage EnergyToday’s working professionals have to carefully consider the time and the energy they’ll need to focus on new skills like publishing, speaking and building a platform as well as sales planning, prospecting, and serving clients. This requires a new way of thinking about how time and energy is allocated, which takes a great deal of stamina.

Business is hard work. It often involves working long hours, traveling, and competing in high-stress situations. Some jobs include pounding the phones, tracking the numbers, and managing one’s time. Many essential practices will draw from areas that have not always been considered typical business activities. You’re being asked to do even more on top of everything else.

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How to Grow an Insanely Profitable Coaching or Consulting Practice

Insanely ProfitableOver the years I’ve worked with a lot of consultants and coaches teaching them how to market and grow their businesses. I’ve spent twenty-five years learning how to build my own marketing consulting and coaching business and even developed a network of independent marketing consultants and taught them how to build their businesses.

In this eBook I reveal the steps I believe are the essential elements needed to build any coaching, consulting or service related business as well as the larger question of what kind of business to build in order to generate the greatest amount of profit.

The Productivity Handbook for Busy Marketers from Duct Tape Marketing

The Productivity Handbook7 popular Web Apps that can change the way you do business.

Thankfully, there are many tools out there designed to save you time and make you more efficient. Written by John Jantsch, the founder of Duct Tape Marketing, “The Productivity Handbook” covers seven key apps that will redefine your work habits and help you get better organized.

In this guide you’ll learn how and why to use:

Evernote, Dropbox, StumbleUpon, GMail, Pinterest, Delicious, and Instagram.

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Breaking the Time Barrier eBook

Breaking the Time BarrierIn order to unlock your true earning potential you must understand and apply the fundamentals of value based pricing.

When you come to fully appreciate that you deliver a result, a valuable result, and not a product or project, then you can open your eyes and imagination to building an extremely profitable business.

Breaking the Time Barrier uses an all too familiar story of a web designer who is caught up in the hourly pricing rut and how he comes to learn about value based pricing, or selling results, from another highly successful designer.

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25 Ways to Thank Your Customers

thankyou165This ebook features 25 outstanding ways to show your appreciation to customers. You’ll notice common threads that run through each idea. Every attempt at giving thanks must be relevant and personalized, noticeable and sincere. These simple requirements will ensure your show of gratitude hits home with customers.

Show customers your thankfulness today by acting on one (or more!) of these 25 ideas. Guide by Help Scout, the invisible help desk software for small businesses who care about customer service. Get more free Help Scout content by reading their customer loyalty blog.

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