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How Your Personality Type Can Help You Uncover Your Unique Genius

March 1, 2017
Personality Style and Unique Genius

I spent years agonizing over my passion, purpose and especially – my unique genius. At one point, I finally decided that I didn’t have unique genius. Everyone else did, but not me. I was just a jack of all trades. Good “enough” at most things, but not great at any one thing.

When I finally uncovered my unique genius, it was super frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I was really excited and energized, but I was also a wee bit irritated.

Why? Because my unique genius was something I had known all along. It simply came so easy to me, that I didn’t think it was either “unique” or “genius”.

And now when I work with passionate entrepreneurs to help them connect to their unique genius, it’s the same pattern over and over.

In fact, you likely know what your unique genius is right now, but you’re overlooking it because it’s something that seems so easy to you. It’s something you think everyone else can do. Something you can’t believe in your wildest dreams is special or unique to you.

But it is. And it is there.

One clue to uncovering your unique genius is through your personality type preferences.

For example, on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I am an ENFP (which means I have a preference for Extraversion vs. Introversion, Intuition vs. Sensing, Feeling vs. Thinking, and Perceiving vs. Judging).

Only about 8% of the population has this same preference. This means that just based on personality type preferences alone – I am unique compared to 92% of the rest of the population.

And what comes easiest to me is my main way of interacting with the world – the process the people at Personality Hacker (www.personalityhacker.com) have termed “Exploration”.

This is a learning and information gathering process that gives me an innate optimistic curiosity and strong need to always figure out why and ask “what if”– combined with the ability to see patterns, the big picture and connect the dots.

The way I best make decisions (at least when I’m at my best) is a process Personality Hacker has coined “Authenticity”. And when I make decisions based on authenticity, I am truly activating my unique genius.

For me, making decisions based on Authenticity means simply feeling and knowing at a deep level that the decision is “right” for me.

So how does this combine to become my unique genius?

As a coach, I have a unique ability to help other people connect the dots and see the patterns in their lives – and know when a decision they are making is authentic to them. And because of my genuine curiosity and drive to know why, and get to the real, authentic truth – I can help other people truly see themselves and discover and see their own potential and genius. I simply “feel” if it’s right – or if they’re “shoulding” themselves into making it right.

(note: if you’re thinking right now – we’ll that’s not unique – anyone can do that – you’re likely an ENFP as well – or very close!)

This same ability has helped me throughout my career as a marketing executive and consultant. I can see the big picture, the patterns with the person or company (to me a company is simply a group of people). I know when all the dots are connected in the right way – and when they’re not. Most importantly, I can always tell if a particular marketing system or tactic is going to work for the person or company. If it feels wrong – or doesn’t match up or connect properly, I can’t recommend it or let it rest. It needs to be right. And to me, “being right” doesn’t mean the one best way to do something. It means the best way to do something for that person or group of people.

So if you’re stuck on figuring out your unique genius – or like me – think it’s possible you may be the only person who doesn’t have one, digging into your personality type can help give you clues.

And as a passionate entrepreneur, it’s highly likely that your personality type is fairly unique. The reality is that most passionate entrepreneurs (life coaches – that’s you!) have an NF preference on the Myers-Briggs – which is less than 25% of the population overall. So when you add in the other preference quadrants (either INFP, INFJ, ENFP or ENFP), your percentage can go down to as low as 1% of the population.

This means that there is likely something that comes super easy to you, something that you just take for granted – that so many other people struggle with. And this is the genius inside you – and the gift your people need.

And note that I said, “clue”. Your personality type won’t tell you exactly what your unique genius is – but it will give you some really great clues. Just because two people have the same personality type does not mean their unique genius is exactly the same (but there will likely be strong similarities). There is so much else that comes together to create you as a person and contribute to your unique genius.


In fact, uncovering your unique genius is just the first of (at least) five ways your personality type can help you create a business you love. Here are all five ways:

  1. Uncover Your Unique Genius
  2. Choose the Right Tribe & Niche
  3. Create Packages & Services You Love to Offer
  4. Create an Authentic Marketing System Full of Stuff that Feels Fun to You
  5. Feel Energized and In Flow With Your Business

Here is my 7 step guide and checklist that you can download and use right now to see where your business is aligned with who you are:

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