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I’m a Messy Marketer. And That’s Ok.

July 5, 2017
I'm a messy marketing coach

I’ve spent 20 years of my life in marketing. For 16 of those years, I managed marketing for organizations ranging from start-ups to $15 million dollar brands.

I’m educated in marketing, I’m a Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant (small business marketing – not selling duct tape ;)), and a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Partner.

I know marketing best practices. I know the “right” things to do to market your business and get the fastest results for the least amount of money.

But when it comes to marketing my own business? I’m a messy marketer. Or maybe I should say I’m a messy, belligerent marketer.

Why? Because I won’t do anything unless it’s fun, unless it feels authentic to me, unless I feel like it, and unless I do it MY OWN WAY.

The reality is that in the past, most of my small business marketing clients, and most of my corporate marketing bosses didn’t care if marketing was fun or felt authentic. They just wanted the results. And they wanted to the best and fastest way to get them.

But now I have my own business – and I can do things any way I want.  And I do.

And I love my own messy, belligerent brand of marketing – because it’s all me. And I know it’s working.

How? Because I have clients I love – clients who are getting the results they want and having fun in the process (or at least that’s what they tell me!).

But I still sometimes fall into the trap of berating myself every once in a while. Usually it’s because of my thoughts that:

  • “I’m not setting a perfect example of marketing for my clients”
  • “I’m not marketing the right way”
  • “Who am I to be a marketing coach if I’m not marketing perfectly”

And then I remember. Every time I try to force myself to market my business the way I think I “should” – I do nothing at all.

Because the way I think I “should” be marketing simply doesn’t match who I am.

Luckily, I understand how business and marketing works at a big-picture level, so I’m able to craft a messy and belligerent marketing strategy that works for me. A marketing strategy that I will actually DO, a marketing strategy that is perfect for attracting more of my ideal clients.

And so when I turn around all of those limiting beliefs that sometimes get in my way, I realize that:

  • “I am setting a perfect example of marketing for my clients”…. because my ideal clients are likely empathic, intuitive feelers just like me – and that means that in order to market their businesses – they need to create a strategy that is all about them too – otherwise they will do nothing.
  • I am marketing the right way”… the right way for me!
  • “I should be a marketing coach because I can help other coaches market imperfectly”… because, really, that’s what stops most of my ideal clients in their tracks – trying to do things the right way, the perfect way, and usually the way that is not in line with who they are. And it causes so much suffering. 

And in the end, that’s the part of being a marketing coach that I love. Helping other passionate solopreneurs connect to their unique marketing genius – and then supporting them in designing a marketing strategy that is all about who they are and how they work best. A strategy that feels right, authentic and fun. A strategy they will actually DO!

So if you’re anything like me, and you’re trying to use someone else’s marketing system, or market “the right way” – but end up doing nothing at all because everything just feels wrong and doesn’t make sense – I can tell you that there is another option.

You may not end up being a messy, belligerent marketer like me (although it is a fun place to be!) – but you can end up creating your own unique brand of marketing that makes running your business seem so much more fun and easy.

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