7 Steps to a Business You Love 

Welcome to Design & Launch a Life Coaching Business You Love – The Challenge!

I’m so excited that you’ve decided to join me on my journey to redesign & re-launch my life coaching business – and I look forward to sharing, supporting and collaborating with you as you launch your business as well! For me, launching a life coaching business you truly love is all about connecting who you are and your unique flow & genius to every aspect of your business – I call that being an Ergonomic Entrepreneur.

How Does the Challenge Work?

Starting in late January 2017 – over 9 weeks, we’re going to work through the 8 Steps to Designing a Life Coaching Business You love. I’ll be completing each step for my own business, and sharing my work and process in a video and worksheets each week. Along the way, I challenge you to complete the steps and worksheets yourself – and we can share and collaborate in our private Facebook group – this is going to be fun!!!

Here is an overview of what we’ll be doing:

  • Overview of the 8 Steps
  • Step 1: Know How Life Coaches Aren’t Ergonomic Entrepreneurs
  • Step 2: Know Your Phase of Business
  • Step 3: Know How to Quick Start Your Business
  • Step 4: Know Yourself
  • Step 5: Know Your Business
  • Step 6: Know Your Voice (Branding & Messaging)
  • Step 7: Know Your Marketing
  • Step 8: Know How to Be an Ergonomic Entrepreneur

On this private page, you will find all the links you need to get started – along with any links to worksheets or actions steps I use in my weekly journey, which I will share on our private Facebook page.

How is This Different from Your Ergonomic Life Coach Group Program?

I’ve had some question recently asking how this challenge is different from my new group program launching March 14, 2017 called The Ergonomic Life Coach.

So I’ll try to clear that all up here! While we are definitely touching on similar subject matter – here’s how my new program is different from the challenge:

In my Design & Launch Your Life Coaching Business Challenge, you’ll get:

  • Access to a program overview video, along with 8 weekly videos (and worksheets) where I will walk you though my worksheets and actions for each step.
  • Access to all of the worksheets to complete yourself – and then share your own work and action steps with the group in our private Facebook page.
  • Once we’ve completed all the steps – we will share our challenges and successes as we move forward with our businesses.

In The Ergonomic Life Coach Group Program, you will get:

  • A one-on-one 60 minute coaching session to dive deep into understanding your personality style and action mode and how these relate to your unique genius, ideal workflow and challenges you may face in building and running your business.
  • Eight 60 minute live online video sessions, where we will work through each business building step and make sure everything you’re creating in your business is clear and in line with who you are.
  • An overview video explaining and introducing each step, along with additional deep dive videos, worksheets, examples and resources to help you complete every business building action.
  • Full lifetime access to the Ergonomic Life Coach Online Education Portal, full of videos, step-by-step instructions, worksheets and checklists that you can refer back to again and again. As the portal is updated – you will continue to get access to all new resources.
  • Unlimited email support to ask me questions for the entire two months.
  • Membership in a private Facebook group where we will share our progress, challenges, and successes – both during and after the program.

So if you like what you’re learning in the challenge – and want more information, more guidance, more structure and more support – this program might be for you. You can learn more and sign up for a free mini-session on The Ergonomic Life Coach web page.

The Ergonomic Life Coach

Ok – now that that is (hopefully) clear – let’s get started on the challenge!

Materials & Links for The Challenge:

Here are all the links you need to get started – and the main overview materials we’ll be using as we go along:

1. Private Facebook Group:

Make sure you sign up for the private Facebook group because that’s where we can all share our action steps, challenges, successes and set-backs as we go along.

2. Ultimate Checklist:


This checklist expands on the One Page checklist and outlines exactly what I’m going to look at in each area. This may look like a lot – but I promise you that it’s not as overwhelming as it may appear at first glance. In fact, I bet you’ve done a lot of this stuff already and just have to jot it down on paper and check it off.

3. Welcome and Introduction Video:

Here is the welcome video where I introduce you to the Ultimate Checklist and walk you through all the steps I am going to take to launch my life coaching business. It’s my first stab at Camtasia Studio – and is far from perfect – but I think it serves it’s purpose – enjoy!


The Worksheets!

I believe that the key to creating a life coaching business you love, is becoming an Ergonomic Entrepreneur. As an Ergonomic Entrepreneur™, you feel energized, inspired and in flow because you’ve aligned every aspect of your business around who you truly are, what you want, and how you naturally work best.

So in this challenge, we will work through five steps to deeply connect to who you are and what you truly want, and then make sure you are clear and aligned on every aspect of your business.

Here they are!

Section 1: Know Yourself Worksheets:

This section includes four worksheets and a main summary sheet. Once you’ve completely each worksheet, transfer your answers to your one page summary sheet. You can use this sheet as a main reference point as we move through the rest of the Ergonomic Marketing Program.

Step 1: Know Yourself Summary Sheet:

Start by downloading and filling out the one page Know Yourself Summary Sheet. While you’re filling out the sheet, if you find there are any areas where you have gaps or need to dig deeper, you can complete the exercises in the individual worksheets below.

Step 2: Know Yourself Individual Worksheets:

If you have any gaps or need to dive deeper into who you are in order to fill out the Know Yourself One Page Summary Sheet above, download and complete the exercises in the individual worksheets below.

  1. Who Are You? Download this worksheet and work through the exercises to determine your personality type preference, Kolbe Conative style and identify whether you are a scanner or an expert.
  2. What Do You Want? Download this worksheet and work through the exercises to define what success really means to you.
  3. Why Do You Want It? Download this worksheet to work through your values, unique genius, and purpose.
  4. What’s Blocking You? Download this worksheet to work through the fears, limiting beliefs, and people who may be blocking you from moving forward with your business or marketing.

*Note that all of the sheets above are in Word format, and the formatting may appear differently depending on your computer and software version. You may also download a PDF of all five worksheets here: Know Yourself Exercises – Complete

Section 2: Know Your Business Worksheets:


Fill out this quick business review sheet below to double check that you’re clear on your business and have really thought through your business goals. Once you’ve completed the sheet, read through it again and make sure everything about your business is in line with who you are, what you want, and how you prefer to work.

  1. Know Your Business – Quick Business Review Sheet.
Step 2: Know Your Business Individual Worksheets

If you have any gaps or need to dive deeper into who you are in order to fill out the Know Your Business  One Page Summary Sheet above, download and complete the exercises in the individual worksheets below.

  • Ideal Client: Download this worksheets and work through the exercises to get clear on your ideal client.
  • Programs and Services: Download this worksheet and work through the exercises to get clear on your programs & services.
  • Business Goals: Download this worksheet to determine the phase of business you’re in, and set realistic business goals for that phase of business.

Step 3: Know Your Voice

Step 4: Know Your Marketing

Coming soon!

Step 5: Know How to Be an Entrepreneur

Coming soon!