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Marketing Your Way

Is Marketing a Roadblock to Serving Your Tribe &
Getting Your Important Work Out Into the World? 

Are you a life coach or other soul-centred entrepreneur with a strong passion & purpose?

Does your message need to get out so you can make a difference & really serve your tribe?

Are you stuck with moving your business forward because you find the idea of marketing confusing, scary or simply downright icky?

Do you want to run your business & marketing in a way that is fun & energizing because everything you do feels completely authentic & in line with who you are & your unique flow state?

If so, you’re in the right place. I can help you move past your marketing roadblocks & design a marketing strategy around who you are & how you work best – so you can finally get your important work out to this world that so needs your gifts right now.

Take the Mystery (and Ick) Out of Marketing

It seems like every day we’re inundated with messages on what we “need to do” to market our businesses. You have to build a huge list. Become a social media guru. Follow the right formula. Say the right things. “Sell” yourself.

What if I told you that marketing today is all about being your authentic self, telling your story, and providing the educational information and tools your ideal target client is looking for – and really needs?

What if I told you that you that don’t have to be perfect, build a giant list, or follow a cookie cutter formula in order to be successful? What if you had a framework that you could adjust to fit YOU – and start as small or big as you want?

What if I told you that you can create a best practices marketing system that’s all about you – and pick and choose only the marketing activities that are fun for you to do because they are ergonomic – in line with who you are and how you work best?

That’s what I truly believe marketing is really all about. 

Most marketing & business coaching programs jump right into advanced concepts like how to get more leads, build a big list, make more money or use different marketing tactics. They skip right over the most essential first steps in marketing your business:

  • First, getting clear on who you are, what you want and what your business is all about
  • Then, outlining a marketing strategy and system that is not only designed to meet your specific business goals, but is completely in line with who you are and how you work best. This means that your marketing strategy is full of all the stuff that’s the most fun and easy for you – and your day-to-day marketing system is simple to maintain.

I call that Ergonomic Marketing.

After 20 years working with business owners and solopreneurs as a marketing executive, Master Certified Marketing Consultant & coach, I realized that the number one factor that determines  success or failure for an entrepreneur is how ergonomic they are – which means how closely they align their businesses with who they are and what they really want.

Just like experts have used physical ergonomics for years to design workplaces that are more in line with how people naturally function in order to free up more energy and inspire productivity – we can do the same with our minds.

The reality is that we all have a natural flow state & genius that is unique to who we are. And when you really connect that flow state and genius to your marketing, you naturally free up more energy and feel more motivated & inspired. It’s the key to loving your marketing.

Marketing Programs that Start with You First

If marketing is a roadblock to getting your practice out into the world and serving your tribe, you’re not alone.

My marketing programs are specifically designed for life coaches and passionate solopreneurs who are ready to move their businesses forward, but feel stuck because they are frustrated, scared or overwhelmed when it comes to the idea of marketing – or already have a marketing system in place that doesn’t feel authentic to to who they are or makes them want to scratch their eyes out every day.

Most importantly, these programs are for solopreneurs who want to really connect with who they are in order to make their marketing as fun and easy as possible.

Marketing Coaching for Life Coaches & Solopreneurs

Are you an experienced life coach or passionate entrepreneur and are frustrated with your marketing?

Are you not getting the results you want – or is managing your marketing making you feel like scratching your eyes out? 

Then my Stuck in Marketing Muck program is for you.

This 3-session laser coaching program is specifically designed to help you quickly identify & fix what’s wrong – or what you don’t love – about your marketing. We’ll work together to:

  1. Know Yourself:  We’ll really connect with who you are, identify your ideal flow state & unique genius, get clear on what success means to you, and identify any limiting beliefs you may have around marketing.
  2. Decode Your Marketing Discontent: Next, we’ll audit everything you’re doing in terms of marketing to find out what’s working – and not working. This includes first, making sure you’re not missing any important marketing steps, and second, making sure everything you’re doing is in line with who you are and how you prefer to work.
  3. Fix It! Finally, we’ll put a quick plan in place to bring your marketing back into alignment with who you are.

When you sign up, I’ll send you some pre-work and then we’ll meet for three (or more!) 60-minute laser coaching sessions.

Ready to get started? See if we’re a fit! Book your free 20 minute mini-session where we can get to know each other.

Get started for free with the Love Your Business Guide & Checklist!

Marketing Strategy for Life Coaches & Solopreneurs

This one-on-one marketing workshop is specifically designed for life coaches and passionate entrepreneurs who are clear on their businesses – and ready to start marketing – but don’t know where to begin.

In this (fun!) one month , four session workshop, you will learn how to use the powerful but simple Marketing Hourglass concept to create your One Page Marketing Strategy – a marketing plan full of stuff that’s in line with who you are and how you prefer to work.

This is the basic marketing strategy that you need FIRST – before you create your website (but it’s ok if you already have), before you start marketing & advertising, before you take any advanced courses like list building, online marketing, or “building a six figure business”.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Pre-Work: First, you will get access to my Love Your Marketing Education Portal, including a review to make sure you’re super clear on who you are and your business before we get started – and a mini-course that will walk you through the marketing basics that you need to know first as a life coach or passionate solopreneur.
  • Ideal Client Detective Work: Before we get started on your marketing strategy, we’ll become like private detectives and discover where your ideal client is hanging out.
  • Marketing Hourglass Overview: I’ll introduce the Marketing Hourglass, a powerful but super simple blueprint for outlining your marketing strategy. The Marketing Hourglass includes all the stages clients go through before they buy from you – Know, Like, Trust and Try – and then three important stages after purchase that turn your clients into repeat and referral customers – Buy, Repeat and Refer.
  • Marketing Best Practices Cheat Sheets: Then, we review your Marketing Cheat Sheets for each stage in the Marketing Hourglass.
  • Fill in Your Marketing Hourglass: Next, you will choose one or more marketing elements for each phase of the Hourglass and plot it on your One Page Marketing Plan. The best part is that you can choose only stuff that feels right (and maybe even fun!) to you. Then, we will do a final review to make sure your plan is as realistic as possible – and in line with who you are and how you prefer to work.
  • Bring Your Marketing Hourglass to Life: Finally, we’ll talk about how to bring your Marketing Hourglass strategy to life in the real world as your core Marketing System and outline your best next steps.

The workshop includes access to my online education portal, pre-work (including videos, downloads and worksheets), four 90-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, and one month of unlimited email support. That means you can send me stuff to review and ask me any questions, any time for the full month we’re working together.

You will leave this workshop with your basic marketing strategy in place, full of all the stuff that is fun and right for you. You will understand how to turn your marketing strategy into your core marketing system in real-life and exactly what you’re going to do to market your business on an ongoing basis. Launching your marketing will no longer feel scattered, confusing and overwhelming. You will know exactly what you need to do and how it all fits together at a big picture level. 

Ready to get started? See if we’re a fit! Book your free 20 minute mini-session where we can get to know each other.

Important Note on Prerequisites:

Before taking this workshop, you need to first be clear on who you are, what you want, and your core business fundamentals (your ideal client, packages, services, phase of business, and goals). Download the Pre-Marketing Checklist (coming soon!) to find out if you’re ready for this workshop or sign up for a free 20 minute mini-session to chat about where you’re at and your best next steps.

Get Started with a Free Mini-Session

Book your free 20-minute mini-session now to see if we’re a fit!

In this mini-session we will:

  • Talk about where you’re at in your business and marketing right now, and you’re biggest roadblock to moving forward with your marketing.
  • I’ll give you some quick tips or action steps on what you do right now.
  • You can ask any question you want about me and this program.

Best of all, we’ll get to find out if we’re a fit! After the mini-session, I’ll send you a link to get started – or send you some recommendations for other coaches or programs that might be a better fit for where you are right now.

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Why Work With Me?

Nicole Croizier LIfe and Marketing Coach

As both a Master Certified Marketing Consultant and Life Coach, I combine my background in business, marketing and entrepreneurship with life coaching to help you connect who you are to a coaching business and marketing system you love.

After more than 20 years (first a corporate marketing executive and then a small business marketing consultant) helping entrepreneurs create & launch their businesses, products and services, I realized that the number one factor that determines success or failure is how ergonomic they are – which means how closely they align their businesses with who they are and what they really want.

Why? Because when you connect who you are to your business & your marketing, you work in a way that is more ergonomic – you are passionate, energized, inspired, motivated and more likely to promote your business and move past challenges and set-backs. You have more energy to give because you are using your unique genius and working in line with your natural flow state.

On the other hand, when you create a business & marketing system based on what you think other people want, financial success alone, or how you think you “should” work, every day can seem like a meaningless struggle, you’re less likely to market your business, and it’s much easier to give up when the going gets rough.

You can read more about my story here – and I hope you sign up for a free mini-session to see if we’re a fit.

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