7 Steps to a Business You Love 

Love Your Marketing for Empaths & Difference Makers

Are you FINALLY Ready to Dream & Scheme a Marketing Strategy that Feels FUN & EASY Because it Fits Who You Are?

You’re an empath & a difference maker – a coach, guide, healer or teacher. You’ve left (are are trying to leave) the 9-5 world behind and have started building a soul-centered business around your true purpose & calling. You’re finally clear on your soul’s niche, have launched your business, and have been out there marketing & telling people about your business for a while.

But something’s not working. Something’s off.  And your marketing is starting to feel hard, exhausting, frustrating and maybe even a little icky. 

And everyone you talk to is telling you to do something different. Set up Facebook ads. Build a big list. Get referrals. Cold call. Learn how to sell. Hustle. Just put your energy out there. Call eight people a day. Take another course. Network, network, network. AHHHH!

So now you’re stuck. You want to get your important message out there through a business you love – but you’re starting to wonder if it’s worth it. Right now, the mere thought of marketing is making you want to run to the hills (or at least a Netflix binge session).  You realize that what you’re doing now simply isn’t working – for you. Even if all the “make six & seven figures” & “follow my system” gurus are telling you otherwise.  

The reality is, you want your business to feel easy, natural, authentic and in-flow. Including your marketing. You don’t just want to love WHAT you do, you want to LOVE how you do it. And you’re tired of spinning your wheels. You want to find YOUR right way to market your business – RIGHT NOW.

Take the Mystery (and Ick) Out of Marketing

It seems like every day we’re inundated with messages on what we “need to do” to market our businesses. You have to build a huge list. Become a social media guru. Follow the right formula. Say the right things. “Sell” yourself.

What if I told you that marketing today is all about being your authentic self, telling your story, and providing the educational information and tools your ideal target client is looking for – and really needs?

What if I told you that you that don’t have to be perfect, build a giant list, or follow a cookie cutter formula in order to be successful? What if you had a framework that you could adjust to fit YOU – and start as small or big as you want?

What if I told you that you can create a best practices marketing strategy that’s all about YOU – and pick and choose only the marketing activities that feel easy, energizing and in-flow because they are ergonomic – in line with who you are and how you work best?

And what if I told you that you would never have to “sell” or do anything else that felt wrong or inauthentic in your marketing even once. I never have. And that’s why I know you don’t have to either.

Design a Marketing Strategy That Fits YOU

It is possible to design a marketing strategy you love – a strategy that follows all the best practices AND is completely in line with your natural flow & unique genius.

Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m both a Master Certified Marketing Consultant with 20 years of strategic marketing experience AND a difference maker just like you – an Endorsed Soul’s Calling Coach, Certified Equus Coach, & instructor for the Martha Beck Life Coach Training program.

I combine personality psychology & soul’s calling coaching with my 20 years in the corporate marketing & entrepreneurial world to help new coaches like you design businesses & marketing strategies that feel easy, energizing & in-flow because they fit who you are.

In my three month one-on-one Ergonomic Marketing coaching program, you’ll connect to your marketing genius & design a marketing strategy you love. Best of all, you’ll leave the program knowing exactly what to do next to market your business – in a way that feels fun & authentic for you.

How does Ergonomic Marketing work?

You’ll receive a package of pre-work to complete and then over three months we’ll meet for weekly coaching sessions to unlock your unique marketing genius, find your ideal clients, dream & scheme your marketing strategy, and outline a plan to activate your marketing in the real world. Along the way we’ll make sure that everything about your marketing is completely aligned with who you are & how you naturally work best.

Who is this program for?

This program is for difference makers – life coaches, healers, guides and teachers who feel clear on their core business (aka – you know who you want to work with & what you do – if not – check out my Unlock Your Soul’s Calling course), and have launched your business and been trying out various marketing activities for a while. But something about your marketing is just not working for you.

You likely don’t have a strong background in business or marketing and are transitioning from a job/career and starting a business for the first time. And most importantly, you want your marketing to feel authentic, right & easy for who you are. This is also for you if:

  • You’ve been taking a bunch of advanced courses like list building or Facebook advertising – but are confused, frustrated, and still don’t feel like you have a real marketing strategy in place or understand marketing basics.
  • You’ve set up your marketing around a set system, but it feels hard or inauthentic for who you are – and you know you need something different, but are not sure what that is or what to do.

If already have a marketing strategy in place, but need more support, then check out my Partner in Crime Mentoring for coaches living in a lonely solopreneur world – or my Marketing Audit to identify & fix specific issues.

What does this program include?

  • A package of pre-work
  • 12 weekly 60 minute one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Access to my online education portal, complete with templates & worksheets walking you through every step in your life coaching business journey (coming soon!)
  • Set up on my Basecamp collaboration portal
  • Unlimited email access to me for the entire three months for questions, review & feedback

Coaching Sessions:

In our one-on-one coaching sessions, we will focus on six areas:

1. Love Your Business Review

Before your marketing can ever be effective, you need to first be clear on who you work with, what you offer, what you say, and where & how you deliver your services. Why? Because if you’re not clear on who you help and what you do – you won’t have have anything to market – or anyone to market to. Or if you’re not communicating this clearly, your ideal clients won’t know that what you have to offer is for them.

That’s why the first thing we’re going to do is a business & marketing review. As part of this review, we’ll look at four main areas from two super important points of view – whether what you’re doing is clear & effective – and whether it fits YOU:

  • Ideal Client & Core Difference Review
  • Program & Services Review
  • Messaging & Clarity Review
  • Website & Marketing System Review
2. Unlock Your Marketing Genius

As an empathic & intuitive coach, it’s important to market your business in a way that feels authentic, energizing, and in flow. That’s why in this session, we’re going unlock your marketing genius by really connecting to who you are, what you want, and how you naturally work best. This will help you fill your marketing strategy with all the stuff that feels energizing, fun & easy – and none of the stuff that doesn’t. It’s the key to loving your marketing.

3. Find Your Ideal Clients

In order to create the right marketing strategy, you first need to know where to find your ideal clients. That’s why in this step, we’re going to turn ourselves into private detectives & discover where your ideal clients are hanging out – and who else might know & work with them. Taking the time upfront to do this detective work will not only give you a deeper understanding of your tribe & potential strategic partners, but will be invaluable when it comes to choosing the best marketing activities for your strategy.

4. Dream & Scheme Your Marketing Strategy

We’re going to make creating your marketing strategy as easy & fun as possible. How? By using the  using the Marketing Hourglass concept from Duct Tape Marketing!  You’ll get a One Page Marketing Plan template & set of cheat sheets. You simply choose the marketing activities you prefer (aka – fit your unique marketing genius) for each of the seven strategy stages. And the good news is – as long as you have at least one item for each stage – you have a marketing strategy that can work!

5. Bring Your Marketing Strategy to Life

Now it’s time to outline exactly how to bring your marketing strategy to life in the real world as your personalized marketing system. This includes all the foundational items, tools, tactics and resources you will need (including your website!), along with an action plan to make it all happen. Of course along the way, we’ll check-in to make sure everything you’re creating feels as simple, realistic, and easy as possible.

6. Activate & Manage Your Marketing

Finally, we’ll outline exactly what you will do to market your business on a regular basis. We’ll create an editorial calendar for any ongoing content development, along with a realistic marketing calendar. Along the way, we’ll make sure everything about your ongoing marketing routine (or anti-routine!) matches who you are & how you naturally work best.

By the end of this program, you will know exactly what you need to do to start marketing your business in a way that feels amazing for who YOU are. 

Ergonomic Marketing Program Cost:

Your investment for this program, including twelve 60-minute coaching sessions, templates & worksheets, and unlimited email support for the entire three months is:

  • One payment of $2897* (or three monthly payments of $999*) for the full three-month program (twelve 60 minute coaching only sessions along with unlimited email support)

Already taken one of my programs but need more support? Then check out my Partner in Crime Mentoring for coaches living in a lonely solopreneur world – or if you’re looking to identify and fix a specific issue, try my Marketing Audit*all prices are in US dollars

Get Started with a Free Mini-Session

Book your free 20-minute mini-session now to see if we’re a fit!

In this mini-session we will:

  • Talk about where you’re at in your business and marketing right now, and you’re biggest roadblock to moving forward with your marketing.
  • I’ll give you some quick tips or action steps on what you do right now.
  • You can ask any question you want about me and this program.

Best of all, we’ll get to find out if we’re a fit! After the mini-session, I’ll send you a link to get started – or send you some recommendations for other coaches or programs that might be a better fit for where you are right now.

Free Life Coaching Mini-Session

Why Work With Me?

As both a Master Certified Marketing Consultant and Life Coach (Endorsed Soul’s Calling Coach, Certified Equus Coach & trained Martha Beck Life Coach), I combine my background in business, marketing and entrepreneurship with life coaching & personality psychology to help you connect who you are to a business you love.

After more than 20 years (first a corporate marketing executive and then a small business marketing consultant) helping entrepreneurs create & launch their businesses, products and services, I realized that the number one factor that determines success or failure is how ergonomic they are – which means how closely they align their businesses with who they are and what they really want.

Why? Because when you connect who you are to your business & your marketing, you work in a way that is more ergonomic – you are passionate, energized, inspired, motivated and more likely to promote your business and move past challenges and set-backs. You have more energy to give because you are using your unique genius and working in line with your natural flow state.

On the other hand, when you create a business & marketing system based on what you think other people want, financial success alone, or how you think you “should” work, every day can seem like a meaningless struggle, you’re less likely to market your business, and it’s much easier to give up when the going gets rough.

And after completing my life coach training (with Martha Beck, Koelle Simpson & Bev Barnes), and watching so many of my amazing fellow life coaches struggle with getting their important work out into the world – simply because they didn’t have a strong background in business – I knew I could help. And after getting coached myself (because I was trying to leave marketing & business stuff behind to become a life coach), I realized that helping life coaches with their business & marketing was something I had to do.

You can read more about my story here – and I hope you sign up for a free mini-session to see if we’re a fit.

Free Life Coaching Mini-Session

Some Nice Words from My Amazing Clients

“Nicole is the business coach I’ve always been looking for and finally found.” Bev Barnes, Master Coach Instructor & Founder of the Soul’s Calling Academy

“Nicole’s work is absolutely amazing. Her ability to get to the heart of the issue with sensitivity, razor sharp insight and refreshing humour, combined with powerful tools and techniques to help you understand yourself and your business, is a rare combination.” Dawn Lampe, Master Certified Coach at Dawn Lampe Coaching

Read more nice words. And some full sentences too.