7 Steps to a Business You Love 

Soul-Aligned Niche

A Four Week Business Clarity Program For New (or stuck!) Life Coaches

Are You Ready to Uncover the Deep Soul Focus for Your Life Coaching Business?

You’ve finished your coach training program, have started coaching some clients, and are ready to take the next step and share your important work with the world. You’re excited and motivated.

But then you go to set up your website, and it’s hard to get the messaging right.

When people ask who you work with and how you help them, you realize you can’t give them a clear answer. 

And when friends ask what’s it’s like to be your own boss and run a business, you realize that you know for sure you want to be a coach – but you have no idea what you want your business to look like. 

So now you’re stuck. You realize that there is a lot more you need to know about yourself and your business before you can launch that website and start marketing. After all, you’re not even sure right now who you want to market to and what to say.

Finally Uncover the Deep Soul Focus for Your Business

Bring your coaching genius to life through a core program or service you love

Do you want to design a coaching business you love – a business that’s completely in line with your natural flow & unique genius? Are you tired of feeling stuck in limbo & ready to get clear on your business so you can start moving forward – right now?

Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m an Master Soul’s Calling Coach, Certified Equus Coach & Master Certified Marketing Consultant.

I combine personality psychology & soul’s calling coaching with my 20 years in the corporate marketing & entrepreneurial world to help new coaches like you create a career to business transition plan, get clear on your genius & purpose, and bring your genius to life through a tangible coaching program or soul service you love.

We’ll use The Soul’s Calling Roadmap to guide your journey from what you were doing before – to reinventing your career as a life coach and all that entails:
  • Rediscover & embrace who you are
  • Clear out all the muck & guck from your soul-sucking career
  • Find & claim your pupose as a coach
  • Identify all the threads that form your coaching genius
  • Turn your coaching genius into a tangible “thing” that feels real & possible (your people & your soul service!)
  • Craft your core messages & program/service outline 

Soul's Calling Roadmap by Bev Barnes

Here’s What We’ll Do, Together:

1. Reconnect With YOU:

We’ll start by diving deep into rediscovering who you really are, what you want, and identify your natural flow and unique genius. By the end of this step, you’ll be able to answer these five important questions that you need to be clear on BEFORE you can design your ideal career or business focus:

  1. Who Are You? Your personality style, values, talents, gifts & unique genius
  2. How Do You Naturally Work Best? Your natural flow, motivation & energy
  3. What Do You Want? Your definition of success
  4. Why Do You Want It? Your purpose, what’s meaningful to you
  5. What’s Blocking you? Your limiting thoughts, patterns, beliefs & fears that keep you stuck

Doing the deep work to answer these five questions is essential if you truly want to do work you love. Not taking the time to do this important work is what keeps so many amazing passionate & intuitive women stuck in an endless career cycle of exhausting & soul-sucking jobs and business directions.

2. Dream & Scheme Your Soul’s Niche:

Now it’s time to connect who you are to your Soul’s Niche. This process is about way more than just finding the right “job” or business direction. In fact, you may not end up wanting a traditional job or life coaching business at all. In today’s new world of work, there are many more opportunities than the typical 9-5 or full-time business. So we’re going to throw all the rules aside and dream & scheme YOUR ideal Soul’s Niche & career/business path – which means exploring these questions:

  • What transformation do you want to help people make? Who do you ideally want to help through your career, and what do you want to help them do?
  • What do you want to do? What type of work, tasks, role or position is perfect for you? What will use all (or most!) of your genius?
  • Where do you want to work? What geographic location, industry, corporate culture, workspace, or team structure best suits you? Is this a traditional job, business, combination or something else?
  • How do you want to work? What does your ideal day/week/month/year look like? How much structure, flexibility or freedom do you want?
  • Who do you want to work with? What type of people do you want to work with? This includes your co-workers, customers, partners – everyone. How much time do you want to spend working with others vs. alone?
  • How will your work fit in with your life? How much time do you want to spend working? How much flexibility do you need? What about other factors are important to you for work -life balance? Commute time? Access to amenities, health & fitness or social amenities? Other?
3. Outline Your Personal Soul’s Niche Blueprint:

Now, we’ll bring all of your dreaming & scheming together into a single “Soul’s Niche Blueprint”. You’ll use this document as a guide to creating your business or exploring & finding your best next career step in the real world. This document will serve as a tangible guide to make sure you choose only those opportunities that are moving you in your right direction.

It’s also equally important as litmus test for NOT accidentally moving in directions that sound great on paper (aka make lots of money and sound great to your spouse or parents) – but effectively lead you off track – or keep you stuck in the same type of soul-sucking work you’re trying to stay away from.

4. Create Your Soul’s Niche Action Plan:

Finally, we’ll put a plan in place to start taking steps toward your ideal work. Maybe you’re in a position to find/create your perfect situation right away – or maybe your ideal career path is more of a journey.

This is the time to get out into the world and start researching, exploring & talking to people in the real world – so you can make your ideal work a reality. This is also the time to identify whether you need a “good enough job” or some other financial support to pay the big bills and help you out as you get going on your ideal path.

Where Will You Be At the End of This Program?

By the end of our 4 weeks together, my goal is for you to ideally know:

  • Who you are, what you want, and why you want it
  • The exact Soul’s Niche & career/business path that uniquely fits you
  • What and who might block you from achieving your ideal work

You will also have:

  • A tangible Soul’s Niche Blueprint that outlines every aspect of your ideal work. A blueprint that you can use as a guide to keep you on track as you navigate through potential job, business or other opportunities. A blueprint that will keep you AWAY from the types of work that suck the life out of you.
  • An action plan of the specific steps you are going to take right now to move you toward your ideal career/business path.

What I hope for you most, is that you will finally really know, deep down in your core, how amazing you are – and the truly incredible gifts you have to offer. More than knowing, my goal is for you to have a tangible & practical plan to bring all your amazing gifts into the world – in a way that feels purposeful, energizing, and in flow for who you are & how you naturally work best.

Here’s What You Get:
  • Coaching Sessions: We’ll meet for weekly 60 minute coaching sessions each month (4 sessions in total). All sessions will be recorded and shared with you.
  • Basecamp Portal: I’ll set you up on my Basecamp project portal where we can communicate & share videos, documents & worksheets.
  • Worksheets & Templates: You’ll get access to any videos, worksheets & templates you need along the way.

Your investment for this four week one-on-one coaching package is $1997. 

*all prices are in US dollars & are non-refundable. All three payments are required for the monthly payment option.

Hi! I’m Nicole Croizier

Hi! I’m Nicole Croizier – Master Soul’s Calling Coach & Facilitator, Certified Equus Coach, Master Certified Marketing Consultant, and Purpose & Personality Style Junkie.

If you’re a passionate woman on a journey to finally leave your soul-sucking job behind and create a meaningful next chapter full of work you love– you’re in the right place!

I’ve spent my 20 year corporate & entrepreneurial career searching for my purpose, and learning how to “fix” my work by connecting who I am to everything I do – whether it was my marketing job, consulting business, or coaching career.

What I’ve learned is that the key to creating meaningful work you love – is  aligning every aspect of your career with who you are & how you naturally work best.

Why? Because when you connect who you are to what you do, you’re passionate, energized, inspired, motivated and more likely to apply for that amazing job, create your own work, and move past challenges and set-backs. You have more energy to give because you are using your unique genius and working in line with your natural flow state.

On the other hand, when you choose a career path based on what you think other people want, financial success alone, or how you think you “should” work, every day can seem like a meaningless struggle.

That’s why today I specialize in helping meaning-driven women like you:

  • Finally let go of other people’s expectations – and embrace & claim who you are & what you truly want,
  • Rediscover who you are & tie all the threads of your purpose & genius into a tangible focus for your work,
  • Design your unique Soul Work Map that will guide you in all of your career, job & work decisions,
  • Create a career path that feels meaningful, authentic, energizing & in-flow because it matches your unique personality & genius.

Today, I mix up all my experiences into my unique genius cauldron so I can help you finally see how amazing you are, claim your soul’s purpose – and design your right path to doing what you love!


My 90 minute profiling session is a great way to get some immediate insight on your unique flow & genius & clarity around whether the full 3 month program is for you!