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Soul Marketing for Life Coaches

Is Marketing a Roadblock to Serving Your Tribe?

Are you a soul-centered coach or solopreneur with a strong passion and purpose? Does your message need to get out so you can make a difference and really serve your tribe? Are you staying small because you find the idea of marketing confusing, scary or simply downright icky? Are you not working with your right tribe because you’re not clear on your core business? If so, Love Your Marketing is for you.

Take the Mystery (and Ick) Out of Marketing

It seems like every day we’re inundated with messages on what we “need to do” to market our life coaching businesses. You have to build a huge list. Become a social media guru. Follow the right formula. Say the right things. “Sell” yourself.

What if I told you that marketing today is all about being your authentic self, telling your story, and providing the educational information and tools your ideal target client is looking for – and really needs?

What if I told you that you that don’t have to be perfect, build a big list, or follow a cookie cutter formula in order to be successful? What if you had a framework that you could adjust to fit YOU – and start as small or big as you want?

That’s what Soul Marketing for Life Coaches is all about.

Most marketing & business coaching programs jump right into focusing on how to get more leads, build a big list, make more money or use different marketing tactics. They skip right over the most essential first steps in marketing your business – getting clear on your business and making sure it’s connected to who you are and what you really want, and then outlining a  marketing strategy full of all the stuff that’s fun and easy for you.

A Marketing Program that Starts with YOU.

That’s right. In this marketing program, we start with you first. After all, as a solopreneur, you are your business. And connecting your business to who you are and how you prefer to work is the best route to achieving the type of success you really want. It’s what helps you create a business that you love. 

How Does Love Your Marketing Work?

Love Your Marketing, is a coaching/training program where you’ll work through six steps to learn marketing best practices, review your brand, create your marketing strategy and put a marketing system in place that’s full of stuff that is in line with who you are fun for you to do:

  1. How to Love Your Marketing
  2. Connect Who You Are to Your Marketing
  3. Dream & Scheme Your Marketing Strategy with the Marketing Hourglass
  4. Marketing Best Practices
  5. Create your One Page Marketing Plan
  6. Activate Your Marketing System in the Real World

Learn More about the Six Steps Here.

This program typically takes six session (or more depending on you!). Each session includes a 60 minute coaching/training call along with worksheets, actions steps and maybe even a video or two.

Who is this Coaching Program For?

Are you a life coach (or other solopreneur with soul) and feel like marketing is a roadblock in terms of really serving your tribe and getting your important work out into the world? Are you ready to launch your business but aren’t moving forward because of marketing? Have you tried to market your business but are tired and frustrated? Then Love Your Marketing is for you!

Important note: This program is ideal for life coaches and solopreneurs who are already pretty clear on who they are and their core business fundamentals – and are ready to get moving on their marketing. This means you know who you are, what you want, who you serve, and the programs and services you offer. Don’t worry – if you aren’t yet clear on your business – then check out my Love Your Business program.

Why Work With Me?

As both a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and Martha Beck Trained Life Coach, I help soul centered coaches get clear on their business and take the ick and mystery out of marketing so they can reach more of their tribe with services that are truly needed.

After 16 years in the corporate and consulting marketing world, I knew that I needed more, and signed up for the Martha Beck Life Training Program and then trained with Bev Barnes to become a Soul Centered Coach, and Koelle Simpson to become an Equus Coach. I thought I would leave marketing forever and find my true purpose elsewhere. Instead, I discovered a part of marketing I truly loved. A place where I knew I could be of real service.

That area is helping other coaches get their messages and services to their tribes – and help to further this important work that we are all doing.

How to Get Started:

Step 1: See if we’re a fit!

Schedule a 30-minute free introductory session to see if we’re a fit and find out which module you should sign up for.

 Free Life Coaching Mini-Session

Step 2: Learn More and Register
Love Your Marketing

 Registration is open! – Soul Marketing for Life Coaches – Group Course

I’m turning both modules of Soul Centered Marketing into a nine session group course – launching in May 2016!

In this group course, you will get access to an online learning portal where you will get a course workbook and marketing plan template. Each lesson includes an overview video, action steps and worksheets. Each week you will work through a new lesson:

  • We’ll have a 90 minute group call with half the time spent reviewing common challenges and sharing results from the previous lesson, and the second half introducing the next lesson and giving you time to ask any questions.
  • Then you’ll review the lesson video in the online learning portal and complete your action steps and worksheets
  • Throughout that week, you can share your worksheets and ask any questions on the private Facebook group where I’ll be available to help you
  • PLUS – you will get unlimited email support from me for the entire nine weeks.

I love group courses because you not only get to learn from your coach, but you get to learn and share your experience with up to nine other people in your group.

Get more information and sign up now.