7 Steps to a Business You Love 

The Key to Your Soul’s Purpose? Remember Who You REALLY Are

January 21, 2018
Find Your Purpose as a Life Coach

You’ve spent too many years to count in a corporate job that slowly sucked the life out of you. Now, you’ve completed coach training and you’re ready to finally do what you love, finally get your important work out into the world.

But you’re stuck. You might think you’re stuck because you can’t figure out your purpose…

Or because you can’t get the messaging right for your website…

Or because you don’t know your niche…

Or because you hate marketing…

Or because you can’t identify your one perfect job.

But maybe the real reason you’re stuck is because after so many years in the corporate world, you’ve lost sight of who you really are. And when you’re not connected to who you are – it’s nearly impossible to create work you love. Which keeps you stuck in a job you hate. Which keeps the world from experiencing your true gifts.

And you might not even know this has happened. But when you’ve spent so much time being someone else at work in order to fit the corporate mold, it’s easy to start losing sight of who you are. It’s easy to disown the parts of you that didn’t fit how everyone else thinks, how everyone else works. It’s easy to start believing that something about who you are is somehow wrong & needs to be fixed.

I know, because it happened to me. When I left my 15 year corporate marketing career to start my first business as a marketing consultant, I was filled with passion, purpose & dreams of finally loving what I do & feeling motivated & inspired every day.

Two years in, I was super busy, had a full roster of clients and was meeting all my financial goals – but I was miserable. I was going to bed exhausted, and waking up every morning with a sick, sour feeling in my stomach dreading the day ahead.

That’s when I realized that I had accidentally recreated my old career in this new business I was supposed to love.

Literally. Recreated. My. Old. Career.

I could not believe it.

I was working with the same people – business owners who wanted to make more money and get more leads (so much for meaningful work).

I was working the same way – 8 to 5 days – ok it was really 6 to 11 – 11PM that is (so much for freedom and balance).

I was doing the same thing – the same thing I hated – managing and doing marketing for other people (so much for feeling energized and loving what I do).

Worse. I had added an extra layer of “being an entrepreneur” work on top. Which includes a cherry of “ultimate responsibility for anything in the world that could go wrong” on top.

So finally, one day, it was too much. I finally sat myself down and tried to figure out what was going on. How did I let this happen?

I let this happen because I had forgotten who I really was deep down. After so many years of pretending to like my corporate job, pretending to like the structure, and pretending to be engaged & motivated, I had started to believe that’s the person I should be.

So even though I knew I was miserable. Even though I knew I had to get out. Even though I mustered up the courage to actually leave and actually start my own business – I skipped an important step.

I skipped the step of reconnecting to who I am and what I truly want – what my SOUL truly wants.

So  instead of really claiming my purpose and designing a business to fit ME – to fit how I naturally worked best –  I created the business I thought I should run.

All because I had lost sight of my true self. All because I had started to believe that my true self wasn’t ok. 

It’s easy to forget all of those amazing bits & pieces that make up the real you. All those bits & pieces you’ve kept hidden for far too long. But it’s all those bits & pieces that form your genius & create the roadmap to finding, claiming & living your true purpose.

I know – because I forgot all about them! But I was lucky enough to find them again. To reclaim them. To EMBRACE them.

And I’m here to tell you that who you are is ok. In fact, who you are is AMAZING.

Not only are you amazing – but only your unique combination of amazing gifts and quirks and eccentricities can help YOUR PEOPLE.

So isn’t it time that you dissolve all that baggage from your corporate job – and rediscover & embrace the real you? It’s the only way to finally claim your purpose, get unstuck, and design a career path, business or marketing strategy that uniquely fits YOU. So you can finally share your important work with the world and do what you love – in a way you love.

Next Steps:

Create a Coaching Career You Love:

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