7 Steps to a Business You Love 

Do You Know Who You Are & What You Want?

August 31, 2016
Know Your Life Coaching Business

As a life coach, you are your business. You report to yourself, and you get to choose exactly what your business looks like, who you work with, and how, when and where you work.

So wouldn’t it be a good idea to get clear on who you are, how you prefer to work, and what success means to you before you launch your business?

Most of us either have an idea in our minds of how a “business should work” or set up our businesses in the same way as our previous corporate jobs.

But didn’t you leave your corporate job for a reason? Don’t you want to set up a business that you really love – a business that is easy to run because it’s set up in the way that you work best?

Here are the three questions to answer about yourself before you’re ready to launch:


This is all about being clear on your passion and purpose. When you know WHY you’re in business, you’re much more likely to be focused and vested in doing what it takes to make sure your business succeeds.

If you aren’t clear on your purpose, there is a tendency to waffle, lose or change focus, and lose momentum. This is often one of the main causes of a failure to launch in the first place.


Do you know what makes you tick and how you prefer to work? Have you dug deep into exploring your personality type, conative style, values and strengths?

Knowing who you are and how you prefer to work  means that you’ll not just know how to create a business that you love – but put business systems in place that actually work because they match how you prefer to work.

Best of all, when you work in line with your natural tendencies, you’ll be more energized and get more done.


Have you taken a look at what success really means to you – or are you simply defaulting to society’s general definition of success?

Most of us have grown up receiving messages that success means money, power and amassing material stuff. But what if that doesn’t make you happy?

It’s only when you take the time to really explore what success means to you that you will truly be able to align your business goals with what you really want to achieve.

Otherwise, you may be creating a business that takes you further away from what’s true for you.

Next Steps:

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