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Has Your Business Gone Off Track?

Learn How to Attract the Right Customers & Achieve the Type of Success You Really Want with a Duct Tape Marketing Plan.

Who is This Marketing Coaching Program For?

Are you a successful entrepreneur, solopreneur or small/SME business owner with soul? Do you run a service based business and want to make a difference that goes beyond the financial? Are you successful on paper, but are tired, frustrated and feel like your business has somehow gone off track? If so, building a Duct Tape Marketing Plan is an ideal first step to getting your business moving in the right direction.

This unique coaching program is designed for solopreneurs and business owners looking to connect their business goals to their true passion and purpose,  In this unique coaching program, we focus on creating a marketing plan for business owners with soul, who are interested in business goals that make a difference and go beyond the financial. Therefore, this program is not an ideal fit if business owners solely looking to increase leads or revenue.

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  • View an Overview of the Duct Tape Marketing System:
  • Build the Marketing Plan You Need to Attract the Right Customers & Build a Business with Passion & Soul

A Unique Coaching Approach to Building Your Marketing Plan

To build your Duct Tape Marketing Plan, we will work through 11 key steps designed to dive deep into the reasons you started your business in the first place, connect your business goals to your true passion and purpose, and put in place a practical and powerful plan to attract and convert more of the right customers who appreciate and value what you do. This plan includes all the key business building steps that many entrepreneurs and business owners often skip, but are essential to building a business that is not only successful financially, but

  • Connect Your Business Goals to Your Passion, Purpose & Definition of Success
  • Understand Your Place in the Marketplace
  • Identify Your Ideal Client
  • Define Your Core Difference
  • Package & Price Your Services, & Offers
  • Bring Your Brand to Life
  • Outline a Marketing Hourglass Buying System
  • Action Plan 1: Build a Strong Marketing Foundation (Content & Total Online Presence)
  • Action Plan 2: Create a Lead Generation Mix that’s Right for You (Advertising, PR, Referrals & Strategic Partnerships)
  • Action Plan 3: Duct Tape Selling – Connecting Marketing to Conversion and Sales
  • Action Plan 4: Making it Happen: Resourcing, Budgeting, Your Marketing Calendar & Next Steps

Choose the Right Duct Tape Marketing Plan For You

For Coaches

As a coach, you are the brand. In this program, we’ll apply the Duct Tape Marketing Plan process to identifying your ideal customer and niche, and then developing your unique brand, story and signature program.

Then, we’ll put a lead generation action plan in place that best matches your energy, personality type and way you work.

Solopreneurs/Micro Businesses

As a service based consultant, solopreneur or micro business with 1 to 10 staff memebers, you likely act as the CEO, and VP of HR, Operations, Marketing and Sales all wrapped up in one. Your business is successful, but not fulfilling. With a Duct Tape Marketing Plan, you will really get back on track with serving the right customers with the right services that will truly make a difference and continue to serve your passion and purpose.

For SMEs

As the owner, CEO or VP Marketing & Sales for a SME, you already know that it’s important to have the right marketing plan in place to both grow your business and serve your ideal target market, but somehow in the initial growth phase of your business you got off track.

Now, it’s time to put that right marketing plan in place and get back to growing your business into the meaningful enterprise you know it can be with a Duct Tape Marketing Plan.

Choose Your Duct Tape Marketing Plan Delivery Option

One-On-One Coaching

In our One-on-One Coaching option, you will complete some initial homework, and then your Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant will guide you through 11 weekly core coaching sessions to develop your Duct Tape Marketing Plan. This program. In just three short months, you will not only have identified your ideal client and core difference, but put in place a plan to to develop the marketing foundation and lead generation and conversion plan that will work best for your business.

Group Coaching

In our Group Coaching option, you will access an online portal, complete some initial homework, and then your Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant will guide you through 11 weekly group telephone/online core coaching sessions to develop your Duct Tape Marketing Plan. Using a series of worksheets and a marketing plan template, by  the end of the program you will have created and have in place a complete marketing and action plan.

Note that our group coaching program is subject to availability. To book a group program for your organization, fill out the form below.

Jumpstart Bootcamp

Are you itching to get started on your marketing plan and have the time, energy and commitment to get it finished as quickly as possible? Then our Duct Tape Marketing Plan Jumpstart Bootcamp is for you! In just four weeks, you will have your complete Duct Tape Marketing Plan and be ready to action on building your marketing foundation and launching your action plan.

We’ll get you started right away with some homework, reading, videos and worksheets for you to fill out, followed by a two hour discovery call. Then, we will schedule two full days to work through the remaining 11 steps necessary to build your Duct Tape Marketing Plan. Over the following two weeks, your Duct Tape Marketing Consultant will complete your marketing plan and you will have time to review and discuss any changes. At the end of four weeks, you will have your Duct Tape Marketing Plan in place and be ready to implement your action steps. Two follow-up strategy/coaching sessions and a full month of unlimited email support are included in this program.

What is a Duct Tape Marketing Plan?

Your Duct Tape Marketing Plan is based on the proven principles of the leading small business marketing brand, Duct Tape Marketing.

Work with your Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant through 11 sessions designed to connect your business goals to your true passion and purpose, identify your ideal target customer and core difference and then put a buying plan in place that matches your personality and energy and is designed to attract more of the right customers who love what you do and will refer you to others. Depending on your coaching option, in just one to three months you will have in place:

  • Clarity on your business goals as they connect to your passion, purpose and real definition of success
  • A marketing strategy clearly outlining your ideal customer, core difference and lead generation/buying system
  • A better understanding of your customers, market, industry, competitors and strategic partners
  • A review of your branding and marketing and direction on how to bring all of your branding and messaging to life to match your newly defined business goals, core difference and ideal target client
  • An outline of your marketing hourglass buying system, including all the content and action steps needed to attract, educate and convert your ideal customers and then turn them into raving fans who will refer you again and again
  • A clear action plan to build the right marketing foundation, lead generation and conversion tools that fit your business, personality and energy
Why Duct Tape Marketing?

Duct Tape Marketing was founded by small business expert John Jantsch. John is the best-selling offer of four flagship small business marketing books, Duct Tape MarketingThe Referral Engine and The Commitment Engine and Duct Tape Selling has been featured in publications such as Forbes, CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and many others. His Duct Tape Marketing blog has been highlighted by Forbes magazine as a “Forbes Favorite”, and as a great small business resource by Harvard Business School.

At the core of the Duct Tape Marketing is the belief that marketing needs to be a system within your company, just like human resources, accounting, IT, or logistics. Using a systematic, step-by-step approach, Duct Tape Marketing has helped thousands of small businesses to develop affordable, effective marketing strategies, resulting in phenomenal increases in new business sales. The Duct Tape Marketing programs are only available through licensed and trained consultants.

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