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How Can Horses Jump Start Your Life Coaching Business?

I was about three-quarters through my year long Martha Beck Coach training when I was introduced to Koelle Simpson and Equus Coaching. I’ve loved horses since before I can remember, and started riding when I was just six years old. So when I learned that her coach training program was accepting applications, I knew I had to apply.

One of the pre-requisites to her program was to participate in an Equus coaching workshop with a master coach. So I hopped in my car and drove five hours south meet up with two other coaches in my program and participate in a session held by Master Coach Kristy Lambert.

What did I learn that day? I learned that a single Equus coaching session can help you identify patterns, limiting beliefs and fears – that took weeks to work through in regular coaching sessions.

Why? Getting out of your element, away from the office, your family, and familiar terrain is the first reason.

The second reason? Being in the round pen with just you and the horse simply brings up all of your sh&t. The horse is a mirror. And all of those personas you wear like armor in your job, or with your family simply don’t work. The horse sees only you, and knows if you aren’t being congruent or authentic.

If you aren’t communicating authentically, the horse won’t do what you ask. If you aren’t being congruent, the horse won’t connect with you. 

And this creates magic. Why? Because if you’re like many people, you’ve identified so much with your social persona, that you don’t even realize anymore when you’re being your true self or who you think you should be.

In the round pen, with the horse, you can see clearly when you’re being your authentic self, or putting on a mask. You get the chance to reconnect with who you really are and practice being your essential self and embodying what that feels like with the horse – so you can use that feeling as a guide for other areas of your business and life.

Whether you’re working on improving your business or career, Equus Coaching Sessions can help you identify and move through thoughts, patterns and fears that are blocking your journey forward.

Equus Coaching Sessions – Coming Soon!

I am working on incorporating nature based coaching and equus coaching into all of my programs, with sessions being held at a beautiful ranch in the Fraser Valley region of Metro Vancouver. I will also be partnering with other coaches to hold retreats in other locations.

I am also available for Equus Coaching sessions at your location. Drop me an email to request a session or learn more.