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Love Your Marketing

Embrace Who You Are & Create an Authentic Marketing Strategy You Love

Are You Ready to Move Past Marketing Roadblocks & Finally Get Your Important Work Out to the World? 

You’ve finished your life coach training program, and have spent time getting super clear on who you are, what you want and what your business is all about (if not – check out my Love Your Life Coaching Business program).

Now, you’re ready to start marketing and sharing your important work with your clients who need you.

But instead of feeling excited and confident in finding and working with your right clients, you’re stuck and discouraged.

You’ve likely set up your website and a few social media pages, have read up on all things marketing, and have maybe even taken a list building or social media course. But it seems like all of your reading and learning is not giving you clarity and confidence. Instead, it’s leaving you confused and overwhelmed.

You may even be telling yourself that you should be able to figure this out – after all, other coaches are marketing their businesses. Other coaches are finding and working with their right clients.

But it’s not your fault.

When I look at all the information life coaches are inundated with when it comes to marketing, it’s no wonder that it’s nearly impossible to figure out how everything fits together, to figure out what to do first, last or even at all.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. 

As a marketing strategist and Master Certified Marketing Consultant, I’ve helped corporations & entrepreneurs grow and market their businesses for more than 20 years. And now as a marketing & life coach, I help other life coaches & passionate solopreneurs design marketing systems they love.

And what I’ve learned, is that there are two main mistakes most new entrprepreneurs make when it comes to marketing:

  • Skipping the first important foundational steps in marketing and moving on to advanced concepts too quickly.
  • Not building a marketing system around who they are, what feels right & authentic, and how they naturally work best.

If you haven’t done these things first, then it’s no wonder that all that reading on Facebook advertising, and all those courses on list building are leaving you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

What’s happened is that you’ve moved on to some pretty advanced marketing concepts, without first having a solid understanding and foundation in marketing. And these advanced concepts simply cannot work without having this foundation in place. It would be like buying a fridge, stove and dishwasher when you don’t have a house.

And, you’ve likely started marketing in a way that works for OTHER people, but not necessarily for you. And if your marketing system isn’t full of stuff you love to do and  in line with your natural flow state, you will feel drained and unmotivated. In fact, if you’re marketing doesn’t feel “right” to you, chances are you won’t do it at all.

Sound familiar?

That’s why I created Love Your Marketing – The Course for life coaches.

After finishing my life coach training and watching so many of my amazing fellow life coaches struggle with getting their important work out into the world – simply because they didn’t have a strong background in business & marketing – I knew I could help. And after getting coached myself (because I was trying to leave marketing behind to become a life coach), I realized that launching this course was something I had to do.

The Marketing Foundation You Need First

In this course, we’re going to back everything up and take the first steps in marketing. This means, you’ll finally understand exactly what marketing is and how it works at a big picture level, create your foundational marketing strategy and system, and put an action plan in place to activate your marketing in the real world.

Why is this so important?  When you understand exactly what marketing is and how it works at a big picture level, you’ll be able to connect the dots and see where everything fits in (like Facebook Ads & list building). This is the level of knowledge and understanding that will give you the clarity you’re looking for – and the confidence to make the right decisions for your business as an entrepreneur.

And even more importantly, we’ll make sure you’ll create a marketing system that is ergonomic. That means everything you create is completely in line with who you are, how you work best, and what feels right and authentic.

Just like experts have used physical ergonomics for years to design workplaces that are more in line with how people naturally function in order to free up more energy and inspire productivity – we can do the same with our minds.

The reality is that we all have a natural flow state & genius that is unique to who we are. And when you really connect that flow state and genius to your marketing, you naturally free up more energy and feel more motivated & inspired. It’s the key to loving your marketing. 

So are you ready to start dreaming and scheming your marketing strategy and getting that mini-MBA in marketing along the way?

Believe it or not, it’s going to be fun! Why? Because we’re going to make it easy, and we’re going to make it all about you and how you prefer to work.  It’s true! Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll start by introducing the 7 Rules of Marketing for Life Coaches & Passionate Solopreneurs, learning marketing best practices at a big picture level, and getting clear on how to connect who you are to a marketing strategy you love.
  • You’ll learn a super simple (as well as powerful and proven) framework to create your marketing strategy called The Marketing Hourglass*. You will outline how to best attract more of your ideal clients and convert them into paying customers who refer you to others. Yes, this comes complete with a fill-in-the-blanks One Page Marketing Plan. And double yes, this is a flexible framework that you will customize completely for YOU.
  • Then, you’ll get best practices cheat sheets for each stage in the Marketing Hourglass – and you will pick and choose the marketing stuff that best matches WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO and plot it on your One Page Marketing Strategy.
  • Finally, we will turn your marketing strategy into a practical, ergonomic marketing system that you can use in real life. A system that instead of feeling draining & daunting will fell fun and inspiring – so you’ll have more energy left over to focus on what you do best – creating, coaching & getting your important voice out into the world!

I like to think of this as an edu-coaching program.

Along the way, you pretty much get a mini-MBA in marketing. So you’ll know what marketing really is and isn’t, feel confident in making the right marketing decisions going forward, and not waste time, money and energy on advanced marketing techniques that you’re not ready for.

You’ll also get all the support you need to create a marketing plan and system that is all about who you are and in line with your core purpose and values.

And not to worry – we are going to KEEP THIS SIMPLE. I’ve boiled everything I’ve learned in marketing over 16 years down to only the most essential stuff you need to finally have that marketing aha moment – and move forward.

You will leave this course with:

  • A big picture understanding of what marketing really is, and why it’s important to connect who you are to a marketing system you love
  • A clear vision of exactly how you’re going to market your business
  • A real-life marketing strategy full of all the stuff YOU love to do
  • Motivation to launch your marketing and move your business forward

You will leave this course feeling clear and confident on what marketing is and isn’t and have a renewed sense of motivation to launch your marketing and move your coaching business forward so you can start helping your tribe.

And, you’ll get access to a private Facebook group where you’ll get support as you build your marketing foundation and launch your new marketing system after the course.

Course Sessions

Prerequisites for this course:

Before taking this course, you need to be clear on your core business fundamentals, and make sure everything about your business is in line with who you are and how you prefer to work. This includes:

  • Know Yourself: Do you know who you are, what you want, why you want it, and what’s blocking you?
  • Know Your Business: Are you clear on your tribe, core difference, packages/services and business goals? Are they all in line with who you are and how you prefer to work?
  • Know Your Voice: Are you clear on your brand, core messages, and unique story? Are they completely in line with who you are?

Download our Pre-marketing Checklist (coming soon!) now to find out if you’re ready to start marketing. Or, take the Prepare to Market Mini Course (coming soon!) now and get all your pre-marketing ducks in a row.

Video Session 1: How to Connect Who You Are to a Marketing Strategy You Love

Why do so many life coaches dread or avoid marketing? Because they’re doing stuff they think they “should”, but in reality hate doing – or don’t really believe in.

In this video session, we’ll explore what marketing really is and isn’t – and review The 7 Rules of Marketing for New Life Coaches & Passionate Solopreneurs. Once you realize that marketing today is all about being your authentic self, telling your story, and providing the educational information and tools your ideal target client is looking for – and really needs – marketing will become less icky – and maybe even fun and interesting.

Better yet, you’ll learn how it’s possible to create a best practices marketing plan that you will actually implement – because it’s full of stuff you actually like to do and feels easy.  That’s what Dream & Scheme Your Marketing  is all about.

Finally, we’ll address the reasons you’re stuck or resistant when it comes to marketing, and blow all those limiting beliefs out of the water. You don’t have to be perfect. You can change anything you want at any time. You don’t have to do everything at once. You can start small. You can be yourself. Feel better yet?

Video Session 2: Pre-Marketing Checklist- Are You Ready to Market Your Business?

One of the main reasons life coaches get stuck when they try to market their businesses – is because they’ve missed some important pre-marketing steps. The reality is that it’s nearly impossible to market your business if you don’t know who you’re targeting, what you’re offering and what you’re saying.

The good news is that when you’re just getting started, all you need to do is make your best guess for where you are right now. In this video session, we’ll review the three most important pre-marketing steps to make sure you’re able to at least make your best guess around these three core areas:

  • Know Yourself: Do you know who you are, what you want, why you want it, and what’s blocking you?
  • Know Your Business: Are you clear on your tribe, core difference, packages/services and business goals? Are they all in line with who you are and how you prefer to work?
  • Know Your Voice: Are you clear on your brand, core messages, and unique story? Are they completely in line with who you are?

Session 1: Marketing Best Practices for Life Coaches

If you’ve spent any time talking to coaches about their businesses or lurking in Facebook groups, you’ve likely heard many variations of “what you need to do to get clients and be successful”. Here are a few examples that might sound familiar:

  • “To be successful as a coach you need to build a giant list”. 
  • “I get a steady stream of clients through Facebook ads and lead nurturing”.
  • “All of my clients come from referrals”.
  • “Forget about all that online crap. You just need to get on the phone and talk to people”.
  • “I don’t do any marketing, my clients just come to me”.
  • “You just need to put your energy out there”.

The reality is that there are many different ways that life coaches build and market their businesses, and what will work for you depends on many factors, including who you are, how you work best, your business model, and how closely your new business is connected to your past life.

In this session, we’ll unravel the mystery of all these statements, so you can get super clear on how different marketing approaches work for different coaches, what some best practices marketing strategies look like in real life, and why these different marketing models may or may not work for you.

Session 2: Find Your Ideal Clients

Taking the time upfront to scan your marketplace will not only give you a deeper understanding of your tribe and potential strategic partners, but will be invaluable when it comes to launching your marketing and tactics. So in this session, we’re going to turn ourselves into private detectives and investigate:

  • Where your ideal client hangs out. What do they read? What events do they go to? Which Facebook groups do they hang out in? What else are they interested in? Which bloggers or journalists write for them? This information is essential when it comes to finding and marketing to your tribe.
  • Who else helps your tribe. Some of the best referrals come from people or businesses who help your ideal clients out in other ways. For example, many potential life coaching clients may have seen a therapist or counselor first or attend regular yoga sessions. If you take the time to really identify who else might be helping your tribe, you can become powerful referral partners for each other.
  • Best practices leaders. Who in your industry do you admire? Taking a look at best practices leaders who offer similar services or target a similar niche as you can provide you with valuable insight. How are they positioning themselves? What are they saying? How are they marketing?This isn’t about copying or compare and despair. This is about knowing what you don’t know. Studying best practices can often inspire ideas you didn’t even know were in you!
  • Connectors.  We all have them in our lives. You know, the people who always have someone or something to recommend. You’re renovating your house – they can recommend a painter and the best cabinet maker in town. So who do you know (or want to get to know) that’s a connector?

At the end of this session, you not only have a much deeper knowledge of your marketplace, but when it comes to launching your marketing – you’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief because you’ll already know where to find your tribe and who to target.

Session 3: Unlock Your Unique Marketing Genius

For empathic, intuitive life coaches, knowing WHAT to do when it comes to marketing is not enough. You need to also be able to market your business in a way that feels authentic, energizing and in-line with who you are and how you uniquely work best.

That’s where your Marketing Genius comes in. When you’re able to really connect who you are to what you love to do when it comes to marketing, that’s when the magic happens. Why? Because you can then build your entire best practices strategy around your genius, so that everything feels right and makes sense – and works for both you and your ideal clients.

Marketing your business will start to feel easier and more natural, and you’ll be less likely to resist marketing or get stuck in dreaded marketing muck.

Session 4: Dream & Scheme Your Marketing Strategy

In this session, we will introduce the Marketing Hourglass, a powerful but super simple blueprint for designing your marketing strategy. You will outline exactly how to best attract more of your ideal clients and convert them into paying customers who refer you to others.

The Marketing Hourglass includes the four core stages every prospect goes through before they are ready to buy from you (Know, Like, Trust and Try) and then three important stages clients go through after purchase that turn them into repeat and referral customers (Buy, Repeat and Refer).

You will receive a “one page marketing plan” that you can use to simply choose the marketing elements you prefer for each stage. And the good news is, as long as you have at least one item in each category – you can start as small as you want!

  • Introduction to the Marketing Hourglass
  • Review of the Marketing Hourglass Stages: Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat, Refer
  • Plot out your marketing elements on your One Page Marketing Plan

 Session 5: Activate Your Marketing Strategy in the Real World

This is the stage where you bring your Marketing Hourglass strategy to life (kind of like Square 3): We’ll take your one-page marketing plan and turn it into a marketing system that can be installed and activated in real-life. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to turn your One Page Marketing Plan into a real-life marketing system
  • Outline your marketing system – including all of the foundational items, tools and tactics you need to bring it to life
  • Review your marketing system outline to make sure it’s realistic and aligned with who you are
  • Create a marketing plan outlining how and when you’ll build all the elements of your marketing foundation and marketing system
  • Choose your tools and technology – what do you need to make your marketing system a reality?

 Session 6: Manage Your Marketing

In this final session, you’ll outline an ongoing plan to manage your marketing on an ongoing basis and consider any resources you may need going forward.

  • Create your ongoing marketing plan outlining how you will feed your marketing system and get your content out consistently to your ideal clients
  • Outline a realistic ongoing marketing calendar – and make sure it matches who you are and how you prefer to work
  • Consider resources – are you going to do everything or get help?

Course Dates:

The next Love Your Marketing group class begins soon.

Contact me to get on the wait list!

Why Work With Me?

As both a Master Certified Marketing Consultant and life coach (Endorsed Soul’s Calling Coach, Martha Beck trained Life Coach, & Certified Equus Coach), I combine my background in business, marketing and entrepreneurship with life coaching to help you connect who you are to a coaching business and marketing system you love – so you can reach more of your tribe with services that are truly needed.

After 20 years in the corporate and consulting marketing world, I knew that I needed more, and began my life coach training journey. I thought I would leave marketing forever and find my true purpose elsewhere. Instead, I discovered a part of marketing I truly loved. A place where I knew I could be of real service. That area is helping other coaches get their messages and services to their tribes – and help to further this important work that we are all doing.

I realized that number one factor that determines whether life coaches get their important work out into the world is how closely they align their businesses & marketing with who they are and what they really want.

Why? Because when you connect who you are to your business & your marketing, you work in a way that feels natural, authentic and in-flow –  and in turn, you become inspired, motivated and more likely to promote your business and move past challenges and set-backs. You have more energy to give because you are using your unique genius and working in line with your natural flow state.

On the other hand, when you create a business & marketing system based on what you think other people want, financial success alone, or how you think you “should” work, every day can seem like a meaningless struggle, you’re less likely to market your business, and it’s much easier to give up when the going gets rough.

You can read more about my story here – and I hope you sign up for a free mini-session to see if we’re a fit.

Free Life Coaching Mini-Session

*The Marketing Hourglass is trademarked by Duct Tape Marketing. As a Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Nicole Croizier is authorized to used the Marketing Hourglass concept.