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How Does WHERE you Work Affect How Much You LOVE your Work?

June 27, 2016

For me, a huge part of loving what I do – is about also loving where I do it.

I work from home, and have a dedicated home office. But 90% of the time I don’t actually work there. Instead, I wander from spot to spot in the house. Each spot seems to inspire or motivate me in different ways. And if I get frustrated or felt stuck – I change spots. And it’s not because I didn’t have a great office. I do. And it’s set up exactly the way I like it. I have a great view, and it’s super comfortable. But I simply can’t work in one spot for a long stretch of time.

Ok, well that’s not completely true. I have, in the past, physically worked from one spot for long stretches of time. For eight hours a day to be precise. Back in my corporate days. In an office, small cubicle, or worse, a desk in an open work space with no privacy whatsoever. And it felt like being in prison, like I was dying a slow death every day.

It’s interesting. There is a lot of stuff written about “the best type of office space for workers”. Is it the cubicle? The private office? The open work space? I’ve worked in all of these scenarios. And I hated them all equally.

When I look back to those days in the corporate world, I realize that what really affected how much I loved – or didn’t love my job – was not so much “where” my actual work space was. Instead, it was my ability to move around – or not move around.

At more flexible workplaces, I could move around a lot and it helped. So if I got frustrated or uninspired,  I could wander to an unused boardroom, to a bench outside, or to a local cafe.

But at more strict workplaces, I was stuck. And this meant that when I got frustrated,  there was nothing I could do at the time. So how did I get my work done? In the car at lunch hour (I can still remember at one workplace that was the only place I could focus enough to write news releases). Or, I had to take the work home with me.

So how does “where you do what you do” impact how much you love what you do?

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