7 Steps to a Business You Love 

Coaching Sessions

Session 1: Are You Limiting Your Business?

In this first session, we’ll take a look at how your business today is different from your vision when you launched. We’ll explore why you started your business in the first place, and identify any limiting thoughts or beliefs that may be preventing you from fully embracing a business and life you love.

  • What was your vision, passion & purpose when you launched your business?
  • Where is your business today?
  • Why did your business go off track?

Session 2: Reconnect with Who You Are

Who are you? As a solopreneur, knowing you who are (including your personality style, working style, strengths, preferences and values) is essential to creating the business and life that brings passion, purpose and meaning every day.

  • Who are you? Identify your personality type, strengths, and preferences.
  • How do you prefer to work? What is your working style?
  • What’s important to you? Clarify your values, passion, and purpose.

Session 3: What is Your Definition of Success?

In our society, we often think of success as money, status, power and material stuff. But is that what success really means to you? In this session, we’ll explore what success means to you in four key areas. Then, we will outline your ideal day and workday.

  • Explore your current definition of success. Is it really yours – or the expectations of others?
  • Define success for who you are in four key areas
  • Outline your ideal day and work day
  • Connect who you are to your business goals

Session 4: Define Your Ideal Client

Are you working with customers who value what you do, who are profitable and refer you to others? Or are you spending all your time with clients who don’t truly appreciate what you offer, are more concerned about price, and may actually detract from your business?

  • Survey your current ideal clients & identify any other ideal clients you want to work with but don’t
  • Understand what makes your ideal clients tick – this will help you find more of them!

Session 5: Embrace Your Difference

If you don’t understand your niche and communicate what makes you different, then your ideal clients won’t be able to recognize you, and you’ll end up not finding enough of the right clients or competing on price.

  • Research your niche, competitors & market
  • Explore the many ways a business & solopreneur can be different
  • Identify your true core difference

Session 6: Do What You Love

Do your current programs and services match your redefined vision of who you are and what success means to you? In this lesson, we’ll review and redefine your services to match who you are, and make sure your ideal clients have a clear vision of exactly what you offer and why they need it.

  • Review and redefine your programs & services in terms of who you are and what you love to do
  • Identify any gaps in your programs, services and offers

Session 7: Bring Your Brand to Life

Does your brand match who you are & the clients you want to attract? In this session we will review your brand (including your name, logo, look and feel) & make sure it’s still in line with your business direction.

  • Review your branding, website & key materials
  • Identify any changes you need to make to your name, logo, look, feel and marketing

Session 8: Harness the Power of Story

Being your authentic self and harnessing the power of story are two the best ways to attract the right clients. In this session, we will translate everything you’ve learned about who you are into your core message & powerful story.

  • Review & update your core messaging, including your tagline, talking logo, & case statement
  • Harness the power of your unique story