7 Steps to a Business You Love 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Love Your Business Again?

Love Your Business Again is a unique business and life coaching program designed to help frustrated solopreneurs connect who they are to what they do in order to get their businesses back on track and in line with their true values and definitions of success.

How Does the Love Your Business Again Program Work?

This is an eight session, two month program. We’ll meet every week by phone for 90 minutes, and in between you’ll get pre-work and homework in the form of videos, fun activities and action sheets. You will also have unlimited email access to me, your coach, for the entire two months.

Who is this Program For?

This program is for established solopreneurs and service-based small business owners who feel their businesses have gone off track. So if you started your business with passion and purpose, but are now somehow working with clients who aren’t ideal, offering services you don’t love, and ultimately feel that your business is sucking the life out of you – then this is the program for you.

What is Duct Tape Marketing?

Duct Tape Marketing is a leading small business marketing brand, system and network of more than 60 consultants world-wide. Founder John Jantsch is the author of three best-selling books: Duct Tape Marketing, The Referral Engine, The Commitment Engine and Duct Tape Selling. He regularly speaks at top conferences around the world and his blog is Forbes Favourite and followed by more than 140,000 readers. Nicole Croizier is both a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and a Total Online Presence Expert.

What is the Martha Beck Life Coaching?

Martha Beck is often called the “world’s best known life coach” and is known for being “Oprah’s life coach”. She left the academic world (multiple Harvard degrees, including a PhD) after realizing that she was living everyone else’s version of success, but was actually making herself chronically ill. She is the author of several best sellers, including “Steering by Starlight” and founded the Martha Beck Life Coach Training Program where she trains coaches in her proven methods to help people live their true lives filled with energy, passion and purpose – this can apply to anything from relationships to executive coaching and careers.

How is this Program Different than Other Business or Coaching Programs?

Most marketing & business coaching programs focus on how to get more leads, make more money or use different marketing tactics. But they often skip the important first step in marketing – building a marketing strategy. And they almost always skip considering who you are, how you work, and how success is intricately related to loving what you do. Having a clear strategy is essential to gaining clarity over your purpose, your ideal clients, your services and your core difference. And connecting your business to who you are and how you prefer to work is the best route to achieving the type of success you really want. It’s what helps you create a business that you love.

Is this Program Life Coaching, Business Coaching or Marketing Coaching?

Well, a little bit of them all. This program mixes a dash of Martha Beck Life Coaching with many proven elements of the Duct Tape Marketing System (which has been implemented by thousands of small businesses world-wide), and is topped off with a pinch of my own special ingredients collected through 16 years of marketing, solopreneur & small business experience.

What is the Next Step After this Program?

At the end of this program, you should be ready to make changes to your marketing foundation (brand, messaging, and marketing materials) based on your newly defined business direction. Then, you will be ready to move forward with activating your marketing, including your lead generation and conversion activities. For support in this area, sign up for our Duct Tape Marketing System online course at coaching.corneryourmarket.ca/duct-tape-marketing-system.