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Nicole Croizier Life Coach or Nicole Crozier Life Coach? Can You Spot the Difference?

January 28, 2016

Did you spot the difference? The reality is that most people can’t.

But I’m so used to my name being misspelled that I just take it in stride. And I’ve never really thought of it as a problem. Until today.

And if you’re an entrepreneur whose name is frequently misspelled, then this post is for you.

So here’s the situation – my last name has an invisible “i”. Even when looking at the two spellings of Croizier & Crozier side by side, most people gloss over the first “i” in the correct spelling of my last name (which is the first one!).

As a solopreneur and coach, many people I interact with online only know me by my name and not my business. So if they know I’m a marketing coach or a life coach, and want to find me at a later date, they would likely search for “Nicole Croizier Life Coach” or “Nicole Croizier Marketing Coach” on Google.

And it wasn’t until a recent promotion went out online that I realized there may be a problem. My name was promoted in a community with the potential to send some business my way.

I was excited until  I realized – but my name is spelled wrong: Life Coach Nicole Crozier. They would be Googling the wrong spelling of my name.

Oh no. Hmmm…… Will they find me?

So I tested it out. And the answer was a resounding NO.


Are you a solopreneur whose name is frequently misspelled?

Then it’s possible that people have trouble finding you when they search on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn.

I can feel your pain!

There are a million Nicole Croziers out there. So when any type of announcement or marketing goes out with my name on it – misspelled – it’s highly likely that if people want to learn more about me – Nicole Croizier – they’re going to Google this wrong name – and I will not show up.

I recently tested this with the wrong spelling of my name.

First I tried Nicole Crozier. Two full pages of people who are not me.

Then I tried various descriptors I thougth people might try instead if they couldn’t find me on the first pass:

  • Nicole Crozier Life Coach. No dice.
  • Nicole Crozier Martha Beck Life Coach. A big zero.
  • Nicole Crozier Marketing Consultant & Nicole Crozier Marketing Strategy. Nada.
Then I tried Nicole Crozier Duct Tape Marketing:

Now this one brought up several results! Results of previous marketing promoting me with the wrong spelling of my name. Ha! I didn’t even notice that one at the time.

So what do you do when you have a name like mine?

If you have a name that is frequently misspelled, here are a few ideas to help you come up in Google searches:

  1. See if the URL for the wrong spelling of the name is taken. If not – buy it!
  2. If you have a marketing budget, you can purchase AdWords for the wrong spelling of your name (if the cost-benefit seems worth it).
  3. You can add the wrong spelling to your website in some way – like I’m doing right now through this blog post.