7 Steps to a Business You Love 

Stuck in Marketing Muck?

Remove Marketing Roadblocks & Move Your Business Forward

Are you an experienced life coach or passionate entrepreneur and are frustrated with your marketing? Are you not getting the results you want – or is managing your marketing making you feel like scratching your eyes out?

Then my Stuck in Marketing Muck program is for you.

This 3-session laser coaching program is specifically designed to help you quickly identify & fix what’s wrong – or what you don’t love – about your marketing. We’ll work together to:

  1. Unlock Your Marketing Genius:  We’ll really connect with who you are, identify your ideal flow state & unique genius, get clear on what success means to you, and identify any limiting beliefs you may have around marketing.
  2. Decode Your Marketing Discontent: Next, we’ll audit everything you’re doing in terms of marketing to find out what’s working – and not working. This includes first, making sure you’re not missing any important marketing steps, and second, making sure everything you’re doing is in line with who you are and how you prefer to work.
  3. Fix It! Finally, we’ll put a quick plan in place to bring your marketing back into alignment with who you are.

When you sign up, I’ll send you some pre-work and then we’ll meet for three (or more!) 60-minute laser coaching sessions.

Your investment for this program is:

  •  $399* for all three sessions
  • Per session at $155* per session (60 minute coaching session only)

*all prices are in US dollars

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