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Unique Genius Session

Discover who you are & where you’re at on your Soul’s Calling Journey

All of my programs begin with a personal Unique Genius Session. When you sign up, you’ll get a package of pre-work to complete, and then we’ll meet for a 90 minute coaching session where we’ll look at two things:

  1. Your unique personality style and preferences
  2. Where you’re at right now on the Soul’s Calling Roadmap

Soul's Calling Roadmap by Bev Barnes

At the end of the session, you’ll:

  • Have more insight and clarity into who you are, how you naturally work best, and what you can do to feel motivated, energized, in-flow and aligned with your business.
  • Know where you’re at right now on The Soul’s Calling Roadmap and your business journey, and be clear on your right next steps.

Your investment for the Personal Unique Genius session is $397 US. When you book your session, please be sure to choose a date at least ONE WEEK from your time of booking to give yourself enough time to complete and return your pre-work to me at least 72 hours before your session.

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