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Where Are Your Ideal Clients Hiding Out?

May 3, 2017

You’re pretty clear on who your ideal client is – and you have all these great ideas of WHAT to do when it comes to marketing.

But then when you go to place that Facebook Ad – you don’t know which pages to target.

You write an amazing blog post, but don’t know exactly where to share it.

You’ve heard that referrals are one the best ways to build your business as a new coach, but referrals from… whom exactly?

You know you’re a great speaker and would love to get in front of your tribe live – but where?

Great. You want to get moving – but now you’re stuck. You know who you’re targeting & what you want to do to reach them. But you don’t know where they are.

Find Your Tribe for Life Coaches

So how do you find out where your elusive ideal clients and potential referral partners are hanging out?

You become like a detective and scan your marketplace.

Taking the time upfront to scan your marketplace will not only give you a deeper understanding of your tribe and potential strategic partners, but will be invaluable when it comes to launching your marketing and tactics – because you’ll know exactly where to find your ideal clients and those valuable people who might refer you.

 So what should you scan? There are five main areas I like to look at:

  1. Where your ideal client hangs out. What do they read? What events do they go to? Which Facebook groups do they hang out in? What else are they interested in? Which bloggers or journalists write for them? This information is essential when it comes to finding and marketing to your tribe.
  2. Who else helps your tribe. Some of the best referrals come from people or businesses who help your ideal clients out in other ways. For example, many potential life coaching clients may have seen a therapist or counselor first or attend regular yoga sessions. If you take the time to really identify who else might be helping your tribe, you can become powerful referral partners for each other.
  3. Best practices leaders. Who in your industry do you admire? Taking a look at best practices leaders who offer similar services or target a similar niche as you can provide you with valuable insight. How are they positioning themselves? What are they saying? How are they marketing? This isn’t about copying or compare and despair. This is about knowing what you don’t know. Studying best practices can often inspire ideas you didn’t even know were in you!
  4. Strategic Partners. What other people or businesses in your marketplace serve your same audience as you? Even better, do any of them help your tribe immediately before or after you do? They all have the potential to become strategic partners at some level.
  5. Connectors. We all have them in our lives. You know, the people who always have someone or something to recommend. You’re renovating your house – they can recommend a painter and the best cabinet maker in town. So who do you know (or want to get to know) that’s a connector?

When you take the time to really get to know all the players in your marketplace, you not only gain a much deeper understanding of your tribe, but when it comes to launching your marketing – you’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief because you’ll already know where to find your ideal clients.

So when you go to set up that Facebook Ad – you already know which pages to target.

When you write that amazing blog post – you know exactly where to share it.

When you want to build your referral program, you know exactly which connectors and strategic partners to contact first.

And when you put together that amazing presentation, you know exactly where to find those great speaking opportunities.

Ready to start scanning your marketplace & finding your ideal clients?

Here’s a worksheet and quick training video that you can use right now to start scanning your marketplace and sleuthing out your ideal clients. This worksheet becomes a handy list that you can keep on your desk and continually add to as you market and grow your business.

Find Your Ideal Life Coaching Clients Worksheet Thumb