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The Leadership Development Program for Women Who Want to Make a Difference

The time for authentic leaders who make a real impact for their teams, their organizations and the world is here. And this is the program you need.

Does this sound like you?
 You're a rare breed in the leadership world: A passionate & intuitive woman.

You know you think differently from the other leaders around you. You know you have a unique point of view. And... you have a STRONG hunch that your leadership strengths are exactly what your organization - and the world - needs more of today.

Especially to navigate these challenging times. Especially to make the impact you want to make.

But you're not exactly sure HOW you're different (and why that's so important), exactly WHAT your unique leadership strengths are, or HOW you can apply and leverage these strengths to impact your team, your organization, and the world.  

What you do know is that you are a true leader. You value authenticity, integrity and transparency. You have passion, purpose & want to make a real impact. You care about your team, the vision of your organization & potential to make a real difference in the world. 

You've likely taken the traditional leadership training your company recommends, but you don't need more basic skills training based on a "one-size-fits-all" model that tells you: "all leaders do this, and all leaders do that..."

NO! You know every leader is different, and you know that a one-size-fits-all model doesn't really work - especially for you.

And... you know that now is the time. Now is the time to REALLY explore and tap into YOUR unique gifts and strengths and customize a plan to apply your unique leadership style in way to make the most difference & impact on your organization and the world RIGHT NOW.

Well, you're in the right place. 

Authentic Leadership is specifically designed to help passionate, intuitive women like you: 

  • Connect to your unique, authentic leadership style,
  • Better understand the motivations, challenges & strengths of your colleagues & teams,
  • Know why the world and organizations today so deeply need authentic leaders like you,
  • Learn how to navigate the new challenges of today's world of uncertainty, remote working & changing workplaces,
  • Become a best practices leadership role model who contributes to a sustainable & resilient organization,
  • Make the impact you've been striving for both inside & outside your organization.

Along the way, you'll connect deeply to your personal motivations, purpose and passions - and who you are as a person. Why? Because authentic leadership doesn't exist in a vacuum - it's something you integrate and live every day, in every aspect of your life. 

Are you ready to join us on your journey to authentic leadership? 

How Authentic Leadership Works

Authentic Leadership is a six month supportive & immersive program. 

Over six months, you'll work together with two instructors and up to 14 other intuitive women to connect to your unique authentic leadership style, apply your unique leadership style with your team, colleagues & organization in real world situations, and create your authentic leadership action plan moving forward. 

We'll begin with a three hour virtual retreat, followed by a six month weekly program (three core lesson topics and group calls per month), and end with final three hour virtual retreat. 

1. Opening Virtual Workshop

In order to affect our future, we must reflect on the past. That's why we'll begin our Authentic Leadership Program with a three hour virtual retreat. During this immersive foundational step, you'll reflect on what’s working and what isn’t, and create a leadership and career vision that you can return to again and again in coming classes. You'll also connect with the fellow intuitive women in your program, who you'll be sharing experiences and learning together with over the next six months.

2. Six Month Weekly Program

Over six months, we'll meet weekly three times a month to work through our core Authentic Leadership program content. We'll explore four core sections and 15 content lessons to help you:

  • Understand today's leadership context, what authenticity in leadership really means, and why authentic leadership is so needed and important right now, 
  • Dive deep into who you are as a leader & connect to your unique authentic leadership style,
  • Apply your authentic leadership style in eight key real world contexts,
  • Explore important current leadership trends, including how to apply your authentic leadership style in a changing and virtual world. 

For each of our 15 lessons we'll meet for a 90 minute group training & coaching call over Zoom, and you'll leave with action steps to complete for that week. Along the way, you'll record your key insights & take-aways in your Authentic Leadership Workbook. During the week you'll connect, share & ask any questions in our private forum. 

Here are the core sections and lessons we'll work through together:

Section 1: Why Authentic Leadership Now?

  • Your Leadership Evolution
  • Authenticity and Leadership

Section 2: Know Your Unique Leadership Style

  • Your Unique Leadership Strengths
  • Your Leadership Style
  • How You Take Action as a Leader

Section 3: Apply Your Unique Leadership Style

  • Boundaries & Giving Fewer F&cks
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Your Leadership Conflict Style
  • Purpose & Passion in Leadership
  • Values Based Leadership
  • Courage & Vulnerability
  • The Science of Gratitude
  • A Coach Approach to Leadership

Section 4: Authentic Leadership for Today's World

  • Leading in a Virtual World
  • Leading in Changing Times

3. Closing Virtual Workshop

In our closing three hour virtual retreat, you'll review the Authentic Leadership Workbook you completed and the work you've done over the past six months in order to create your Authentic Leadership Roadmap & Action Plan for moving forward, including:

  • Your purpose & the impact you really want to make as an Authentic Leader
  • Your specific goals & growth path 
  • Your specific plans with your current position, team & organization

At this final retreat, you'll present your new vision for your leadership brand and your personal roadmap moving forward. 

Dates & Times:
  • We'll begin with a virtual retreat on Thursday, February 18 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM PT
  • We'll meet weekly three times per month on Thursdays from 1:00 to 2:30 PM PT from February 25 through to July 15. 
    • We'll be meeting the 1st, 3rd & 4th weeks each month - with the 2nd week as a gap week. 
  • We'll end with our final virtual retreat on July 22 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM PT

Curriculum & Class Details

The privilege and responsibility of Leadership is complex, but our leadership journey can be bolstered through enhanced understanding. We’ll examine leadership through the lens of self- and other-leadership, and uncover your unique leadership philosophy.

An authentic leader is self-aware, transparent, honest and genuine - and inspires trust with their colleagues and teams. In this class, we'll explore exactly what authentic leadership is, why it's seen as one of the most important trends in leadership today, and how being an authentic leader impacts you personally, as well as your team and overall organization.

Leaders who are authentic and stand confidently in their truth attract people to them. This class will help you to understand and apply your unique character strengths through leadership, which in turn is shown to boost confidence, reduce stress, and increase effectiveness.  

In order to be an authentic leader, you need to first connect to who you uniquely are and embracing your unique leadership style. In this class, we'll begin exploring who you are by looking at your personality style preferences. We'll also discuss how this relates to your unique leadership style and interactions with your team. 

A key part of who you are is your conative style, or how you naturally take actions and work through projects in the real world. In this class, we'll explore how you prefer to take action, and what this means in terms of your unique leadership style and better understanding and motivating your team. 

Part of being an authentic leader is about knowing how to set authentic boundaries for yourself, so you can stay true to your values and not get enmeshed with other people and their needs & emotions. In this class, we'll explore where you're at right now when it comes to boundaries, and identify how to set the right boundaries for who you are. 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence - our ability to identify and affect the emotions and responses of ones' self and others - is responsible for over half of our job performance. We’ll examine your unique EQ strengths and opportunities, and identify strategies to propel your EQ forward and develop “the other kind of smart”.

Your Leadership Conflict Style

In a 20-year study it was revealed that the KEY SKILL of effective leaders is that they are able to skillfully address politically and emotionally risky topics. This class will closely examine your go-to communication and conflict styles and provide tools to approach conflict with more confidence.

Purpose and Passion in Leadership

Part of knowing who you are as an authentic leader is connecting to your passion and purpose - the "why" behind everything you do. In this class, we'll explore your unique passion and purpose, identify your "why" as a leader. Then, we'll discuss how your "why" is directly linked to motivation and how this impacts both you and your team. 

Purpose and Passion in Leadership

Values-based leadership is the idea that leaders should draw on their own values for direction, inspiration and motivation, and should
build the capability to draw this information out of others as well. Reveal your most cherished values, align with the values of your work, and live and work
with deeper meaning and purpose.

Courage and Vulnerability

Being an authentic leader requires letting down all those guards and being who you truly are every day - and this requires both courage and vulnerability. In this class, we'll talk about what courage and vulnerability really look like for you as a leader, and how you can inspire courage and vulnerability with your team. 

The Science of Gratitude

Gratitude, encouragement and recognition aren’t simply powerful leadership tools, but are practices that can actually change your brain. Uncover simple but meaningful ways to increase your happiness quotient, and spread
appreciation everywhere.

A Coach Approach to Leadership

Excellent coaches are simply a catalyst for revealing the best in other people. Coaches tend to be skilled and empathic listeners, curious questioners, and objective sounding boards. By learning and
applying coaching skills and techniques, you can help bring out the best in those you lead.  

Leading in a Virtual World

The world and how we live and work in it has changed dramatically over the past year. Creating engagement, driving culture, and cultivating connection in a virtual world are skills we have to not only learn, but embrace.  When it comes to working in a virtual world, leaders matter more than ever before.

Leading in Changing Times

Being an authentic leader in a world where there is so much uncertainty, change, and unknowns - not just at an organizational level - but in the personal lives of you and your team - presents a unique set of challenges. In this class, we'll discuss how to show up and be an authentic leader in challenging times.  

Your Authentic Leadership Instructors

Meet Meagan 

Since 2014 Meagan English has worked with aspiring and established leaders on behalf of transformational organizations. Meagan is passionate about the power of people and equipping her clients to lead with authenticity and compassion. 

In addition to Executive and Leadership coaching services and organizational consulting, Meagan offers team building, training and retreats (both in-person and virtually) through traditional and equine-facilitated methods. Her goal?  To support the development of cohesive teams and magnetic, compassionate, powerful leaders.  

Prior to coaching & consulting, Meagan spent more than 15 years working in health care operations, where, as Director of Operations, she led multiple business units across several states, and developed skills in people mastery, business operations and training/mentoring. 

She is an adjunct professor for Concordia University, and a guest lecturer for Oregon State University.  Meagan has also been fortunate to be a conference speaker for both the Oregon and Washington Health Care Association Annual Conferences, and for Leading Age Oregon. Meagan is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Equus Coach™ through the Koelle Institute.

Meet Nicole

Nicole is a Master Certified Marketing Consultant, Master Soul’s Calling Coach and is Certified in Knowledge Based Coaching for the Workplace. She combines her expertise in marketing & recruiting with personality psychology and life coaching to help frustrated coaches & business owners love what they do again.

Nicole’s background includes a degree in Communication from Simon Fraser University, and 16 years as a corporate marketing executive in the B2B and high technology world. Her experience ranges from launching start-up companies and acting as a one-woman marketing department to leading marketing teams for large software firms and managing a $15 million brand.

In 2011, Nicole left the corporate world to found her coaching & consulting firm Corner Your Market, where she supported business owners & leaders in better understanding, communicating, and marketing their businesses, and developing and hiring the right marketing teams. 

Today, Nicole focuses on coaching passionate & intuitive women connect who they are to work they love. She teaches business & marketing classes for the Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach Training Program, and partners with the Soul’s Calling Academy to deliver coach training, intensive retreats and courses.