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Are you frustrated & tired in the work you're supposed to love?

Does the career or business you've invested SO much time & energy in now feel like a deep dark hole that's slowly sucking the life out of you?

If you've been telling yourself that you SHOULD be happy, you SHOULD love this career that others would feel so lucky to have...

...if you feel trapped and paralyzed because you started your business with passionate & purpose - but now something's off and you don't know exactly what's wrong or what to do next...

...if you secretly long to do work that feels personally meaningful and fulfilling - if only you knew what that was...

Then you're in the right place. Work that makes you feel alive, energized & fulfilled is possible. 

Career & Business Coaching for Passionate Professionals Who Want More... 

Hi! I’m Nicole - Certified Sparketype Advisor, Master Certified Coach, and Master Certified Marketing Consultant.  

And I help passionate professionals, coaches, solopreneurs, leaders, and teams connect to the work that makes them feel sparked, fulfilled, motivated and energized - because it matches who they are & how they naturally work best. 

I know it's possible because I spent my 20 year career figuring out how to "be more happy " and “fix” my work by connecting who I am to everything I do – whether it was my marketing job, consulting business, or coaching career.

Plus, I've helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and other passionate solopreneurs spark their work through my own programs and as a coach instructor for Martha Beck's Wayfinder Coach Training and Bev Barnes' Soul's Calling Coach Training. 

Your Sparketype® is your unique imprint for the work that makes you feel most alive. 

 Knowing your Sparketype enables you to really understand who you are, what fills you up, and what drains you on on a whole new level. As a result, you'll be able to see exactly what might be aligned or not aligned in your current job or business (and why), and make the right decisions to bring your work back in line with what most energizes, inspires and fulfills you. 

If you're a business owner, Sparketypes can help your leaders & teams tap into and do the work that feels personally meaningful and inspires creativity, motivation, and emotional wellbeing. This in turn translates into more inspired leadership, improved morale & productivity - and amazing talent who will stick around and enable your organization to stay competitive and innovative. 

Discover Your Sparketype:

Your Sparketype is the imprint for the work that makes you come alive. So if you're a coach or passionate solopreneur and feel like you've lost your spark - this is a perfect first step to figure out exactly what's off & how to get that spark back:

Love What You Do Again Coaching & Consulting Programs:

Spark Your Career

Career Coaching for Passionate Professionals & Life Coaches

Do you feel stuck and uninspired in your career or coaching practice but aren't sure what's wrong or how to get that spark back?

I combine career coaching with Sparketypes & personality psychology to help you connect to your unique imprint for the work that makes you feel most alive - and then make changes so your current work feels more energizing & fulfilling - or move in a new direction. 

Learn More

Spark Your Business

Business Coaching for Passionate Coaches & Entrepreneurs

Did you start your business with passion & purpose, but now it's feeling more like your old soul sucking job? 

I can help you love your business again by first connecting to who you are & how you naturally work best using the lens of Sparketypes, and then re-aligning every aspect of your business & marketing so you feel energized, authentic, and in-flow. 

Learn More

Spark Your Marketing

MarketingĀ Coaching, Courses & Mentoring

Are you a coach, solopreneur, orĀ  passionate business owner?Ā Do you want to learn aĀ best practices marketing system that is authentic, aligned and matchesĀ your unique values and ways of working?

As both a Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant with more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience - and a Master Certified Coach, I can help.

Learn More

Get Started with a Free Love What You Do Again Consultation:

If you're curious about how Sparketypes coaching might help you connect to a career, business or marketing system you love - or help your team and leaders become more engaged, inspired and personally motivated - then your best next step is to book a free consultation call!

On this call, we'll talk about your unique goals & challenges, and I can help you determine your ideal next steps, whether it's one of our programs - or something else! 

One of my passions is helping other passionate professionals & business owners figure out the direction that's right for them.

So whether or not we end up working together - I would love to talk! So don't hesitate to book your call now. 

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Bev Barnes, Master Coach, Soul's Calling Academy Founder

"Nicole is the business coach I’ve always been looking for and finally found."

Miranda Myles, Emergency Management Leader

"First day at my new workplace today! Feels great. Thanks for all of your coaching and encouragement!"

Justin & Brenda Sturges, Owners of Systemadik

"Nicole’s program... brought more peace into our business by focusing more on what we love to do and unlocking higher profits while doing it. Amazing!" 

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