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            a guide to your first year after training as a new life coach

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You've Finished Life Coach Training. Now What?

Traditional advice is to choose a profitable niche, set up an online business, and start marketing, marketing, marketing!

But what if you don't know what your niche is yet?

What if you don't feel confident & competent in your coaching?

What if you don't even KNOW yet if you even like business & marketing or WANT to be an entrepreneur?

What if you need time and experience to figure all this out?

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

Hi! I’m Nicole Croizier, marketing executive and business consultant – turned Master Certified Soul’s Calling Coach, Certified Sparketypes Advisor, and coach instructor & mentor.

For the past seven years I’ve worked with hundreds of new coaches, both in my own coaching practice and as an instructor and mentor for the Soul’s Calling Academy and the Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach Training Program.

And I created this course, because I believe that the traditional business and marketing advice out there simply doesn’t work for new coaches who are purpose-motivated, and new to business & marketing. 

So if you're a new coach looking to build a meaningful coaching practice you love, I hope you'll join my course and use it as a guide for what to do - and not to do - in your first year after coach training.

Why Traditional Business & Marketing Advice Is Not Right for You RIGHT NOW...

I created this course, because I believe that the traditional business and marketing advice out there simply doesn’t work for new coaches who are purpose-motivated, and new to business & marketing. 

Why? Because most of this advice is designed to help coaches choose a profitable niche, create a high ticket program, and set up an online sales funnel to bring in as many new clients as possible – with the goal of reaching that six figure mark in your first year.

But when you’re purpose-motivated, you can’t just choose any profitable niche. You need to uncover your Soul’s Niche – the niche that’s aligned with your genius & purpose. 

And as a new coach, it's nearly impossible to "figure out" your Soul's Niche right now - because you simply don't have enough experience & information yet:

  • You haven't coached enough people yet, so how can you know who you love coaching, and which topics you love coaching around?
  • Plus, you've just finished your training program and still need time to hone your craft as a coach, so you feel competent and confident.  

It's also nearly impossible to create an aligned and authentic business you love - when you haven't run a business before and have little to no experience in business & marketing. 

How can you know right now which parts of business and marketing are aligned and authentic for who you are - and which parts make you want to run screaming for the hills? You can't! Because you don't have enough experience and information yet. 

And that's what The Love Your Business Quick Start Course is all about.

This course takes you through the eight steps I believe you REALLY need to do in first year after coach training if your goals are to:

  • Create work you love – because it feels deeply meaningful, fulfilling and aligned with who you are,
  • Feel more competent & confident in your coaching craft, and know exactly how you want to be a coach,
  • Better understand who you are, including your gifts, genius, unique way of working, and definition of success,
  • Have the information you need to really define your Soul's Niche - the niche that's connected to your purpose & unique genius,
  • Know what it means to run a business as a life coach, and be clear on what feels authentic and aligned for you around business and marketing,
  • Ultimately know whether running a business and being an entrepreneur is really for you at all before investing a lot of money - or whether you want to use your genius and coaching skills in another way.  

If you do decide a life coaching business is for you – by the end of your first year out of training, you'll feel more confident & competent in your coaching craft, and be ready to create that aligned coaching program, set up a bigger business foundation, try out more advanced marketing techniques - and feel motivated to tell people what you do and market your business.

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A Roadmap for Your First Year After Life Coach Training

Specifically designed for purpose-driven new life coaches

Unlike most marketing and business programs for life coaches that are designed around choosing a profitable niche, setting up complex online systems, and nabbing as many clients as possible so you can reach six figures in your first year of coaching, The Love Your Business Quick Start takes a different approach.

 This course outlines exactly what you need to do in order to hone your craft and get that experience and information you need to create an aligned business you love around your Soul's Niche: 

  • Make your "best guess" for now around a Starter Niche
  • Begin a practice of exploring who you are, connecting to your inner guidance, really seeing your unique gifts & genius, and defining success for who YOU are - vs. what everyone else wants for you.
  • Get just the absolute business & marketing basics in place (with as minimal of a time & money investment as possible)  so you can start taking some action and gathering information
  • Start coaching more people around your starter niche so you can:
    • Hone your coaching craft & gain more competence & confidence
    • Gather information around what you love & don't love doing, and who you love and don't love coaching.
    • Learn if there are other elements of your background or genius that you want to combine with your coaching (such as consulting, teaching, or guiding) 
  • Try out being an entrepreneur, running a business, and marketing - so you know which parts of business and marketing feel authentic and match your unique genius.
  • Test and tweak everything over a period of time so you get closer and closer to your Soul's Niche, and learn more and more about how to align who you are with your business & marketing.

My goal for you, is that by the end of your first year after coach training, you will feel confident & competent in your coaching craft, be clear on your starter niche, know what it really means to run & market a business as a coach, and be ready to take your next steps to build your coaching practice - your way

This isn't the course for you if you're looking to make $100K in your first year as a coach. This is the course for you if you really want to finally know exactly how you want to be a coach, get the information you need to finally connect to your Soul's Niche, and know how to align your business and marketing around your unique genius (or if you really want to run a business at all!). 

How The Love Your Business Quick Start Works

The Soul Success Path for Life Coaches. Eight Core Training Modules. One Year Love Your Business Test & Tweak Plan

The Love Your Business Quick Start is a self-directed eight module online course, divided into three main sections:

1. Understanding the Big Picture & Setting Expectations:

  • Module 1: Your Soul's Calling Roadmap as a New Life Coach
  • Module 2: Know Who You Are & What You Really Want

2. Setting Up Your Super-Simple Business Basics:

  • Module 3: Define Your Starter Niche
  • Module 4: Craft Your Basic Copy
  • Module 5: Set Up Your Basic Coaching Tools
  • Module 6: Find Your First Clients
  • Module 7: Create Your First Simple Marketing Plan

Section 3: Your One Year Test & Tweak Plan

  • Module 8: Take Action, Test & Tweak!

 Here's how it works:

This course is designed to get you up, running and taking action as quickly as possible - so you start getting more experience and gathering the important information you need to make key decisions to get closer and closer to your Soul's Niche and an aligned coaching practice you love.

Ideally, you'll work through Modules 1 through 7 over your first two months - and spend the rest of the year on Module 8 - Taking Action, Testing & Tweaking! You'll receive a 12 month Test & Tweak guide where you'll track and record your insights and tweaks for everything you do. 

You'll get access to all eight modules at once, and can work through them at any pace you want, and refer back to certain modules as needed.

However, it's important to remember that this course is designed to help you start gathering more information so you can make key decisions. It's designed to help you moved past perfectionism and staying in your head - and get you out into the real world as quickly as possible. 

This means that if you take more than two months to complete Modules 1 through 7 - you MAY be stuck in perfectionist mode - and might need to just make some quick decisions and start moving forward. Remember, this course is DESIGNED for you to test, tweak and CHANGE - so you don't have to worry about making the perfect decision right away.

Your Course Modules & Curriculum

Module 1: Your Soul's Calling Roadmap as a New Life Coach

As a purpose & meaning driven life coach, you want to create a practice that feeds your soul & really makes a difference. But it's so easy to get sidetracked by old patterns around career, work, money and success. Especially when everyone is telling you that you should be able to make 100K in your first year as a coach!

In this module, we'll explore where you're at on the Soul's Calling Roadmap right now - and what that means in terms of your next steps as a new life coach - and what you REALLY need to do in your first year after life coach training, especially if you want to hone your craft, build your confidence, and put the right building blocks in place to create a sustainable practice you love. 

Module 2: Know Who You Are & What You Want

Getting clear on who you are & what you want is the most important first step in business, especially when you're a purpose-driven life coach - but this is a deep process & doesn't happen overnight. In this module:

  • You'll take your first steps in getting clear on your unique personality style, gifts, genius & how you're naturally motivated & work best.
  • Then, you'll also explore the "why" behind what you do by connecting to your values & the threads of your purpose.
  • And finally, you'll start to define success not based on other people's expectations - but for who YOU are.  

You'll summarize everything in your Who Are You? workbook - that you'll use as a guide & litmus test through the rest of the course. 

Module 3: Define Your Starter Niche

Your ultimate goal as a purpose-driven coach is to define and align everything you do around your Soul's Niche - the niche that is deeply connected to your soul, your purpose, your gifts & your genius. But so many new coaches never take action, and never get their practice out into the world because they're stuck in their heads trying to figure out their Soul's Niche first.

The challenge is that when you're just out of your training program, you likely don't have enough experience or information yet to truly know your Soul's Niche. You need to get out into the real world, work with more clients, and gather that information first - while you track who you love & don't love working with, love & don't love doing. 

And that's where your Starter Niche comes in. Your Starter Niche is your best guess for now as to who you might want to work with, and what you might want to offer. In this module, you'll work through exercises to help you make that best guess and begin to take some action in the real world, so you can gather the information you need to get closer and closer to your true Soul's Niche. 

Module 4: Craft Your Basic Copy

Once you've made your best guess as to your Starter Niche, you need a way to communicate with them - so they understand that what you have to offer is for them. 

In this module, we'll work through exercises & templates to help you get more and more clear on what's important to your starter niche - and then translate everything into the very basic copy you need to communicate with them in person, on your website and in your marketing materials. You'll receive templates & examples to create the copy for your core website pages. 

Writing copy is another place many new coaches get stuck. And that's why, similar to making your "best guess" on your starter niche - this module is not about crafting award-winning prose - it's about making sure your messaging is "clear enough" so that your people recognize that they're in the right place - and understand how they can start working with you. 

Module 5: Set Up Your Basic Coaching Tools

So many new coaches jump right into complex marketing funnel courses - but skip the basics when it comes to the tools & processes they need in order to actually book client sessions and WORK with clients. So that's what we're going to do in this module! You'll outline your best-fit way to:

  • Schedule clients & accept payments
  • Run your client sessions
  • Have clients contact you
  • Give clients more information 

You'll also explore whether you need a website presence, and how to set up a simple website that includes just the basics for where you are right now.

Thinking through the client process that best fits you, and then setting up everything ahead of time will give you an added boost of confidence when it comes to finding your first clients - because you'll know exactly what to do!

Module 6: Find Your First Clients

As a new coach, you are going to find your first clients through connections you already have, and not through marketing to people who don't yet know who you are.

This means that most of the marketing courses for coaches out there, especially courses that teach you an online marketing system, are not ideal for the stage of business you're at right now.

Why? Because they're teaching you how to create a system that will convert cold leads (people who don't yet know you) into paying customers. And this takes a lot of set-up, work, dedication, persistence, patience, and TIME (6 months to a year to start paying off). And you need to be REALLY clear on your longer term niche and services for it to work at all. Which is not where you're at right now if you're considering this course. 

That's why in this module, you're going to explore the fastest and easiest way to get your first clients - a way that doesn't require you investing too much time, money and work up front.  You'll explore:

  • Where your Starter Niche people hang out
  • Who in your network might already know (or be!) part of your Starter Niche
  • Any groups, organizations & networks you belong to who may include (or refer you to) people in your Starter Niche. 

You'll also receive templates so you can create a quick communication plan and start reaching out and finding your first clients immediately!

Module 7: Create Your Simple Marketing Plan

One of the biggest reasons new life coaches never get their important work out into the world - is because they sign up for marketing & business programs right out of training that are far too advanced for their stage of business - and get confused, overwhelmed, and discouraged. 

The reality is that most marketing & business programs out there are designed for life coaches who already have clients, feel competent and confident in their coaching, are clear on their niche, and have their business & marketing basics in place. 

But when you're right out of training, you likely have NONE of these things in place yet. So it's no wonder you get 

In this module, you'll learn what marketing is and how it really works for life coaches, explore different types of coaching business models, and create your first simple marketing plan. 

Module 8: Take Action, Test & Tweak!

So now that you're clear "enough" on your Starter Niche and have your basic copy, coaching tools, and marketing plan in place - it's time to take action and get out in the real world! And remember, that your first year of business is a time to:

  • Gain more experience, confidence, competence and clarity around your coaching. 
  • Get more and more clear on who you love (and don't love) working with, and the services you love (and don't love) offering so you can get closer and closer to your soul's niche.
  • Test and tweak communicating, marketing & running your practice so you can get more & more clear on what feels most aligned, authentic & energizing to YOU.  

This is also your time to explore what it means to be an Empathic Entrepreneur and how to align your new practice with who you are & how you naturally work best.

Why? Because as a purpose-driven coach, you need to do personally meaningful work that feels authentic & aligned with who you are. And this extends to EVERYTHING you do in your coaching practice - whether it's working with clients, marketing, or running your practice day-to-day.

This is why you can't just "choose" any niche, follow someone else's marketing system that drains you and feels icky, or follow other people's rules around how to be productive, efficient and make money in your business. 

You need to define YOUR OWN RULES for everything you do - so you create an aligned practice that you love. And that's exactly what this one year test and tweak plan will help you to do! 

You'll receive a Test & Tweak Plan that you can customize for YOU, along with monthly tracking sheets & checklists to help you identify when you're ready to take some important next steps in your business, such as defining your Soul's Niche, outlining your  program or service, and creating your bigger website or marketing plan.

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Get The Roadmap to Your First Year as a New Coach

My new Love Your Business Quick Start course walks you through what you REALLY need to do in your first year after coach training (and it's not what you think). 

So if you're an intuitive, meaning-driven coach who is looking to create a new career you love as a life coach - this course is for YOU. 

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