Spark Your Marketing

marketing coaching for meaning-driven coaches & passionate business owners

Connect Who You Are to a Marketing System You Love

Are you a purpose driven coach or passionate small business owner? Do you want to learn a best practices marketing system that is authentic, aligned and matches your unique values and ways of working?

As both a Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant with more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience - and a Master Certified Soul's Calling Coach, I can help.

Partner-In-Crime Mentoring

Running & marketing a business as a life coach and solopreneur can feel a wee-bit lonely at times.

Especially if you have a personality style that doesn’t quite match how other entrepreneurs work best – or what most traditional business, marketing & “how to work” lore teaches.

Especially if you’re an intuitive empath, who needs everything to be authentic & true for who you are. And especially if you’re working from home & only have your cat to talk to!

This weekly or bi-weekly coaching/mentoring program is for experienced coaches & other empathic & intuitive solopreneurs who:

  • Struggle with staying motivated, inspired and energized in their businesses,
  • Crave a partner-in-crime who can help them unravel business & marketing problems and stay on track with their values & vision.
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Marketing Strategy Sessions

Are you an experienced coach or empathic entrepreneur ready to create that next stage marketing strategy to grow your practice?

Or are you not sure if you're current strategy is the right one - and want and expert review and recommendations?

As a Master Certified Marketing Consultant with more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience, I can help! 


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Marketing Hiring & Training for Small Business Owners

One of the major reasons small business owners don't hire internal marketers is because they don’t know how to:

  • Identify, find or hire the right marketing person,
  • Train a new or internal marketing person & get them up to speed successfully,
  • Manage an internal marketing person (what should they even be working on and when?).

With the Certified Marketing Manager Program from Duct Tape Marketing, we take that burden right out of your hands. As a Master Certified Marketing Consultant, I will do the training and leveling up of your in-house marketer for you - and with you.

Don't yet have a marketing person? Then I can help you identify the right person for your team and manage the recruiting & hiring process for you.

Together, we will create & implement your marketing strategy and action plan. Along the way, your marketing person will learn a real world marketing skill set, and you'll be clear on the type of marketing your business needs - and understand exactly what you're marketing person is doing. This will give you the confidence that what needs to be done is getting done. Let us train your people while you grow your business.

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Do You Need a Soul's Calling Academy Program?

In addition to my coaching business, I support the Soul's Calling Academy in offering Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator Training, along with intensive retreats & courses to help meaning-driven women unlock their unique genius & get on the path to their soul's calling - the work that is aligned with their purpose & genius.

My Soul's Niche & Soul's Calling Coaching sessions are designed to support purpose-aligned coaches & women who have either completed a Soul's Calling Academy program, or are clear on their genius & purpose.