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Connect Who You Are to a Business You Love

Are you a passionate solopreneur or life coach, but feel stuck, frustrated, or unclear on your business?

I can help! As Certified Sparketypes Advisor, Master Soul's Calling Coach, and Master Certified Marketing Consultant, I specialize in helping passionate solopreneurs & coaches love their businesses again by aligning who they are with everything they do. This is the key to feeling authentic, aligned, energized and in-flow every day.  

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Spark Your Business Programs

for coaches who need more clarity on their coaching & business focus

Spark Your Niche

Uncover the true focus for your business & define your niche, program, course or service. 

Have you been coaching for a while, but still feel unclear on the focus for your business? Do you have a general idea of who you want to help - and how you want to help them - but it feels vague, nebulous or stuck in your head? Do you have an idea for a program, course or service but can't seem to put together how it would work in the real world? Or maybe you've chosen a niche - but it feels off, wrong or not quite aligned with who you are & your soul's calling? 

If this sounds like you, Spark Your Niche might be exactly what you need! I can help you tie everything you already know about yourself, your ideal people, what you love to offer, and HOW you love to deliver your services together in a way that feels clear & tangible.

Best of all, you'll be able to describe exactly what you do to your ideal people - and translate everything in the real world through your website & in conversations. 

Depending on where you're at in your business right now, you may just need a single session to get the clarity you need - or several sessions to really map out a program or course. 

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for experienced coaches & solopreneurs who have lost the spark in their practice

Spark Your Coaching

Are you frustrated & tired in your coaching practice? Does something feels off or unaligned and you're not sure what's wrong or how to get your practice back on track? Or do you feel like you may have accidentally created a business that feels more like your old soul-sucking job?

Then Spark Your Coaching might be just what you need!

We'll combine Sparketypes with Soul's Calling Coaching to help you get your business back on track and more in line with who you are and how you naturally work best - so you feel energized, authentic & aligned with everything you do!

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Partner-in-Crime Mentoring

One-on-one coaching/mentoring over Zoom with unlimited email support - ongoing for as long as you need. 

Running & marketing a business as a life coach and solopreneur can feel a wee-bit lonely at times. Especially if you have a personality style that doesn’t quite match how other entrepreneurs work best – or what most traditional business, marketing & “how to work” lore teaches.

This ongoing coaching/mentoring program is for experienced coaches & passionate solopreneurs who want to align their businesses and marketing with who they are & how they naturally work best, and:

  • Struggle with staying motivated, inspired and energized in their businesses,
  • Crave a partner-in-crime who can help them unravel business & marketing problems and stay on track with their values & vision.
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for new coaches in your first year out of training

Love Your Business Quick Start

Have you finished life coach training and are wondering what to do next?

Many new coaches right out of training are told they need to choose a niche, take that online marketing course and hussle, hussle, hussle!

But what if you're not yet confident as a coach and need time to hone your craft? What if you don't know your niche yet and need some time to figure it out? What if you don't yet know what type of coaching business you want - or even if being an entrepreneur is for you? If you've asked yourself any of these questions - then The Love Your Business Quick Start is for you.  

This is your guide to what to do in your first year after training so you can start taking some action AND figure all this stuff out.

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