Love Your Business Again

A Five Step eBook for Coaches & Purpose-Driven Solopreneurs

Are You a Life Coach or Passionate Solopreneur and Feel Frustrated, Stuck or Unaligned with this business you're "supposed" to love? 

Here's How to Reconnect Who You Are to a Business You Love in 5 Steps

You launched your business with passion & purpose, but along the way something went wrong. 
Now you're stuck, frustrated, tired and wondering exactly WHAT went wrong - and how to get your business back on track so you don't have to go back to that soul-sucking job.

In this eBook, I’ll walk through the 5 steps that passionate solopreneurs like you need to have an aligned & authentic business you love. 

You'll Learn:

  • Why many coaches & passionate solopreneurs aren't "typical entrepreneurs" (and why this is so important to know)

  • How to identify where you're at on your business journey, and set the right expectations for the phase you're in right now

  • What it means to "quick start" your business - and why it's important

  • The exact steps to design, market & run a business you love 

  • Where there might be gaps or missed steps in your business building & marketing

  • How to audit your business to see where it matches (and doesn't match) who you are & how you naturally work best.

  • How to re-align every aspect of your business with who you are - and why this is the key to loving what you do every day

Using the checklists throughout the eBook, you can evaluate where you're at in your business-building process right now, identify any gaps, and know your exact next steps to move forward.  


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