Sparked Coaching Niche
Clarity Sessions

Your Coaching Niche is the core topic that you focus your entire coaching practice around

When you've lost the spark in your coaching practice, it's often because something about your niche simply doesn't quite match who you are, your passion & purpose, and how you naturally work best. And that's where Sparked Niche clarity sessions come in.

Have you been coaching for a while, but still feel unclear or uninspired around the focus for your coaching?

Do you have a general idea of who you want to help - and how you want to help them - but it feels vague, nebulous or stuck in your head?

Or maybe you have an idea for a program, course or service but can't seem to put together how it would work in the real world?

Or maybe you've chosen a niche - but it feels off, wrong or not quite aligned with who you are & your soul's calling? 

If this sounds like you, a Sparked Coaching Niche Clarity Session might be exactly what you need! 

I can help you get clear on your Sparked Niche - the niche that lights you up because it's completely aligned with who you are, your passion & purpose, and how you naturally work best.

Your niche is the central topic you focus your entire coaching practice around. And knowing your Sparked Niche is the most important step to having a coaching practice that feels energizing and inspired. 

Connect Your Sparketype to Your Coaching Niche

One of the best ways to get clear on your Sparked Coaching Niche is through your Sparketype.

Your Sparketype is the unique imprint for the work that makes you feel most alive. Really understanding your Sparketype is one of the best ways to help you choose a coaching niche that make you feel the most energized & fulfilled - and the least drained & uninspired.

So if you feel stuck, frustrated, tired and uninspired in your coaching practice, but don't know why, then the Sparketype Assessment is your ideal first step to niche clarity. 

Are Sparked Niche Clarity Sessions for You?

Are you a purpose-motivated life coach? Then my Sparked Niche session are for you.

My Sparked Niche sessions are specifically designed for purpose and meaning-motivated coaches. This means that your primary motivation around being a coach is more about making a difference and having a coaching practice that lights you up, and less about making as much money as you can as quickly as possible (yes - money may be a motivation for you, but it's not the primary one).

For experienced coaches: If you've been coaching for a while but feel unclear or uninspired around your coaching niche, then a Sparked Niche session is perfect for you.

For new coaches: If you've just finished coach training, we'll take a bit of a different approach and help you uncover your Sparked Starter Niche. Why? Because you need to have spent some time coaching and honing your craft in order to have the experience you need to really discern your Sparked Coaching Niche.

BUT, getting clear on your Sparked Starter Niche is a great way to make your best guess for now as to who you might want to coach and what you might want to coach around (download my free Guide to Your First Year After Coach Training to learn more about your Sparked Starter Niche and why it's so important).

How Do Sparked Niche Clarity Sessions Work?

Your Sparked Niche Sessions includes:

  • Free access to my Sparked Niche course, including video trainings, exercises and workbooks
  • A package of pre-work for you to complete before our call
  • Three 60 minute Sparked Niche clarity session calls over Zoom (recordings sent to you)
  • A follow-up next steps action plan that I will put together and send to you¬†

Depending on where you're at in your business right now, you may just need a single 3 session package to get the clarity you need - or several sessions to really map out a program or course. 

Your investment for the three Sparked Niche session package, including access to the Sparked Niche course, pre-work, three 60-minute coaching calls, and next steps action plan is $699 USD. 

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Hi! I’m Nicole - Certified Sparketype Advisor, Master Coach, and Master Certified Marketing Consultant.  

And I help passionate professionals, coaches, and business owners connect to the work that makes them feel sparked, fulfilled, motivated and energized - because it matches who they are & how they naturally work best. 

I know it's possible because I spent my 20 year career figuring out how to "be more happy " and “fix” my work by connecting who I am to everything I do – whether it was my executive marketing positions, consulting business, or coaching career.

Plus, I've helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and other passionate solopreneurs spark their work through my own programs and as a coach instructor for Martha Beck's Wayfinder Coach Training and Bev Barnes' Soul's Calling Coach Training. 

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