Love Your Business QuickStart

An 9 Step Guide to Your First Year After Life Coach Training

Are You a New Life Coach With Zero Background in Business or Marketing & Ache to Do Meaningful Work You Love?

Here's What You REALLY Need to Do in Your First Year After Coach Training...

Congratulations! You’ve finished your coach training program. But now what?
All the traditional advice out there tells you to choose a profitable niche, set up an online business funnel, and start marketing, marketing, marketing – so you can get as many clients as possible and reach six figures in your first year of coaching...

But what if you don't know what your niche is yet?

What if you don't feel confident & competent in your coaching?

What if you have no background in running a business or marketing?

What if you don't even KNOW yet if you even WANT to be an entrepreneur or use your new coaching skills in a different way?

What if you need time and experience to figure all this out?

And here’s the clincher: What if you’re more motivated by meaning, purpose & making a difference – than by making lots of money, prestige and business growth?

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place & I created this eBook just for you! 

You'll learn the 9 things you REALLY need to do in your first year after training, along with what NOT to focus on - if you want to hone your coaching craft and build a meaningful practice you love. 

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Hi! I’m Nicole Croizier, marketing executive and business consultant – turned Master Certified Soul’s Calling Coach, Certified Sparketypes Advisor, and coach instructor & mentor.

For the past seven years I’ve worked with hundreds of new coaches, both in my own coaching practice and as an instructor and mentor for the Soul’s Calling Academy and the Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach Training Program.

And I created this guide, because I believe that the traditional business and marketing advice out there simply doesn’t work for new coaches who are purpose-motivated, and new to business & marketing. 

So if you're a new coach looking to build a meaningful coaching practice you love, I hope you'll download this eBook and use it as a guide for what to do - and not to do - in your first year after coach training.