Spark Your Career

career coaching for meaning-driven women & solopreneurs

Connect Who You Are to Work You Love

Are you a passionate professional or life coach, but feel stuck, frustrated or unclear on your business or career direction?

I can help! As a Certified Sparketypes Advisor & Master Certified Career Coach, I specialize in helping meaning-driven professionals & life coaches like you get back in touch with who you really are – so you can create work that feels natural, authentic, inspiring & amazing – because it’s aligned with who you are, & how you uniquely work best. It’s the key to loving what you do every day

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Spark Your Work Session

Your Sparketype is the unique imprint for work that makes you come alive. Knowing your unique Sparketype will give you insight into why you're stuck, frustrated or uninspired in your current work, and get important clues that will help you get your spark back - whether that's in your current work - or a new direction entirely. 

So if you've lost that spark in your work, and are not sure where to start - this is the perfect place! Here's what well do together:

  • You'll begin by taking the Sparketype Assessement, and then read the report about your Primary, Shado and Anti-Sparketypes.
  • You'll then fill out a questionnaire about your current situation and biggest challenges and send me the results of your Sparketypes assessement. 
  • As a Certified Sparketypes Advisor, I'll review your questionnaire and report.
  • Then, we'll meet for a 90 minute session where we'll review your results, and insights into where in your work you've lost your spark, and some immediate steps you can take to begin getting that spark back!
  • After our session, I'll follow up with the session recording along with my summary of insights and action steps.  
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Spark Your Career 

a career coaching program for passionate professionals who long to do work that makes them feel motivated, fulfilled, and alive.

Do you feel stuck and uninspired in your career but aren't sure what's wrong or how to get that spark back?

I combine career coaching with Sparketypes and personality psychology to help you connect to your unique imprint for the work that makes you feel most alive - and then make changes so your current work feels more energizing & fulfilling - or move in a new direction. 

Unlike most career change programs that focus on past education, skills and experiences, and finding a matching job or complementary career path that will be a step up in money, position, or responsibility, Spark Your Career takes a different approach. An approach that starts with YOU first.

Together, we'll create an ideal work canvas - a map that will guide you in making the right work decisions to move in a direction that feels aligned energizing and inspiring.

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