Are You Living Someone Else's Career?

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

Have you spent your life trying to mold yourself into the person you think you “should” be at work or in your business? Do you often feel like a fraud or an imposter because you’re constantly trying to be “good enough”, please people, and figure out the “right & expected” way to do things? Have you sacrificed your core values in order serve your fears or make “enough” money to feel safe?

Do you secretly long to just be yourself & do things your way– but don’t feel like you can because something about who you are or how your work is “wrong” or “flawed”?  Is this preventing you from truly building a career or business you love?

Are you are so very tired of pretending to be happy when you’re really, really not – and so deeply exhausted by constantly trying to be someone other than who you are?

The reality is that we are all born into this world with a unique set of talents, gifts, and genius.

But then along the way stuff happens. Our families happen. School happens. Culture & societal expectations happen. Relationships happen. Life happens.

And any number of experiences can start to shape our relationships with ourselves – and who we think we “should” be – versus who we really are.

Maybe childhood trauma or an absent parent impacted your very sense of safety in this world, and unknowingly triggers you today in your career or business…

Maybe you’ve had difficult relationships that eroded your sense of self-worth, and this subconsciously causes you to stay in toxic workplaces – or put up with toxic clients… 

Maybe you have a personality style that didn’t fit the norm in school or society, which left you somehow feeling like the way you naturally work best is inherently “wrong”…

You may not even realize how these life events have impacted you – and shaped who you show up as and how you work in your career or business today. And you likely have no clue that what triggers you and keeps you stuck or blocked from really doing what you love – might stem all the way back to thoughts, beliefs & events from your younger life – and from programming – “rules” and expectations that were placed on you – but don’t really reflect who you are.

I see so many passionate professionals start their careers & businesses with passion & purpose, but then go off track as all their muck & guck – all this “programming” starts to get in the way… and then all of a sudden you find yourself stuck on a career path you hate, but feels safe & secure.

You might feel like you can’t leave a toxic workplace because it’s your job to “fix” the problem…

Or find that business that you started with such passion & purpose now looks just like that old career that sucked the life out of you…

Or you wake up one morning and realize that this meaning driven life coaching business you are supposed to love – feels JUST LIKE your old soul-sucking job. 

And this will keep happening until you truly embrace who you are. Until you clear out all those old patterns, fears & triggers that keep you stuck. 

 So What Do You Do?

If this post resonates with you, it’s highly possible that you’re part of the Purpose Tribe. And when you’re part of the Purpose Tribe, you NEED to connect to your purpose and do work that feels deeply meaningful, or you suffer.

You’re also likely to be an empath, and have a passionate, highly sensitive, and intuitive personality style – which means for you, having a career everyone thinks you should have is not enough. And working the same way as everyone else simply doesn’t work. Why? Because more than money or material success, you need to love what you do, follow your passion & purpose, and do things your own way. A way that feels right, authentic & energizing for who you are.

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