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How do I help you love what you do again?

Are you a life coach, entrepreneur or professional with soul? Has your business or career gone off track, is it stuck in neutral, or perhaps suffering from a failure to launch? If so, I can help. Through my own journey to “fix” first my career & then my business, I discovered that my soul's calling is helping others connect with who they really are in order to love what they do again. I know it’s possible because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped others achieve their perfect kind of success. As both a Martha Beck trained Life Coach & Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I combine life & business coaching to help you rediscover who you are, connect who you are to a business or career you love, and get your voice out into the world. Explore my programs below - one might be a fit for you.

Coaching Programs

Love Your Business Again

For Frustrated Coaches & Entrepreneurs with Soul.

Has your business gone off track? Rediscover who you are and what you want, dig deep into what success really means to you and outline your ideal life. Then, apply this new information to evaluating and recreating a business you love. Available as a full program or individual coaching sessions.

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Love Your Marketing

For Life Coaches & Solopreneurs with Soul

Is marketing a roadblock to serving your tribe? Take the mystery and ick out of marketing with a program that starts with YOU first. Get clear on your business and learn marketing best practices, while designing a marketing plan full of all the stuff you love to do, and none of the stuff you don’t.

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Love Your Career Again

For Mid-Career Professionals Looking for More

Dive deep into discovering the real you and identifying what’s holding you back from pursuing a career that you love. Then, outline a career direction that matches who you are, what you want, and your true definition of success. Available as a full program or individual coaching sessions.

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Blake Ponuick

“I have worked with  Nicole from Corner Your Market for more than eight years now. Nicole has been essential to building the marketing strategy at four different companies I have worked with. Whether it’s coaching executives on their marketing and business strategy or providing insight into strategy, programs, packages and services, Nicole brings a strong sense of energy, enthusiasm, confidence, clarity to every project. And she is an absolute pleasure to work with and approaches difficult problems with humour and diplomacy.”

Blake Ponuick: President, Axiom Strategy Group, VP Operations, Preston Mobility
Eitan High Res Photo

“I highly recommend Nicole Croizier and Corner Your Market for any coach, consultant or small business owner looking to gain clarity over their business and marketing strategy, grow their firm, and achieve the type of success they really want. I have worked with Nicole for more than three years and find her to be highly practical, strategic, ethical and creative. She really cares about her clients and becomes an integral part of your team.”

Eitan Sharir: President, Dynamic Achievement Group
Justin and Brenda Sturges

Nicole’s Love Your Business Again Program created a huge impact on how we manage our business, and what products and services we focus on. Being a husband and wife team we need to divide up work based on our strengths and stay in our power zones when working for our clients. Nicole’s program gave us clarity about ourselves, our strengths and our dreams together and individually. We made critical decisions that have brought more peace into our business by focusing more on what we love to do and unlocking higher profits while doing it. Amazing! Justin and Brenda Sturges, Systemadik

Justin & Brenda Sturges, Owners, Systemadik
MIranda Myles

First day at my new workplace today! Feels great. Thanks for all of your coaching and encouragement!

Miranda Myles, Emergency Management Leader

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