Love Your Career Again

a career transition program for mid-career women
searching for meaning, purpose & fulfillment

Are You Stuck & Frustrated in The Career You're SUPPOSED to Love?

Have you spent most of your working life trying to fit yourself into the career you thought you "should" want - but it's no longer working?

Does the career path you've invested SO much in now feel like a deep dark hole that's slowly sucking the life out of you?

If you've been telling yourself that you SHOULD be happy, you SHOULD love this career that others would feel so lucky to have...

...if you feel trapped and paralyzed because you don't know exactly what's wrong or what to do next...

...if you secretly long to do work that feels personally meaningful and fulfilling - if only you knew what that was...

Then you're in the right place

Hi! I'm Nicole Croizier - a master certified coach & consultant who specializes in career transition coaching for women who are motivated MORE by purpose, meaning, impact and fulfillment - than by money, influence, status, safety or belonging. 

This doesn't mean that all those other things aren't important to you in some way - it just means that if you DON'T love what you do and feel like your work is personally meaningful - you suffer. 

And if that's you - you know what I mean, and you're likely suffering right now. Because the career you're in doesn't "suck" by outside standards. Because you're telling yourself (and everyone else is telling you) that you should feel lucky, you should like what you do. And because changing course NOW at mid-life feels... impossible? Scary? CRAZY??? 

Especially when you have no idea what new direction you want to go in - or what a fulfilling career path might look like for you. 

Well that's where I come in. And I'm here to tell you that making a career change right now IS possible. And there is a way to uncover the career path that feels personally meaningful to you AND doesn't feel like you're backtracking.

I know because at 42, I was in the exact same spot you're in right now. I was stuck in a soul-sucking marketing career that looked amazing on the outside, but on the inside I was suffering.

I tried everything to "fix" my situation - I changed jobs over and over, I tried a couple of complete career changes, and I finally even left the corporate world to run my own marketing consulting business... but something was still "off".

So I bought up every book I could find on career transition and finding your purpose - which led me to personality psychology training and Soul's Calling Coaching. 

What I learned, is that I had been trying to fit myself in to what society and the people close to me defined as a "successful" job or career path...but I had never really taken the time to consider my own personal definition of success.

I had been looking at job descriptions and trying fit myself into who companies wanted me to be.. but I had never taken the time to look at my strengths, motivations, values and passions first - and outline & find (or create!) the ideal situation for ME. 

So that's what I did. And it changed everything. Now, I'm a Master Soul's Calling Career Coach who helps women just like me connect who they are to careers & businesses they love. 

And the best part? I didn't have to say goodbye to all my previous education and work experience (or salary!) - instead I leverage ALL of what I did before - but in a direction that is personally meaningful and fulfilling for me. And that's what I want for you too. 

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How Love Your Career Again Works

Love Your Career Again is a roadmap to a meaningful career path you love. 

When you're a woman who's motivated FIRST by meaning, purpose and fulfillment - the key to career you love is aligning every aspect of your work with who you are, your innate strengths, gifts & genius, and how you naturally work best.

And that's why, unlike most career change programs that are designed around looking at your past education, skills and experiences, and finding a matching job or complementary career path that will be a step up in money, position, or responsibility, Love Your Career Again takes a different approach. An approach that starts with YOU first. 

Here's how it works:

Love Your Career Again is a four month coaching program. We'll meet three times a month for a 60 minute coaching call, and in between sessions you'll access video trainings and other resources, and take action steps to help you move forward in your career transition. 

Over our four months together, we'll work through five core areas specifically designed for empathic & intuitive women like you: 

  1. Identify where you are right now on The Soul's Calling Roadmap for Career Transition
  2. Get clear on your core strengths, how you naturally work best, and what you really need in your ideal career
  3. Excavate the social programming that's keeping you stuck on a career path you don't love
  4. Create your Ideal Career Profile - which will help you make the right career decisions moving forward
  5. Identify your right next steps, and start making small career experiments that will help you get closer & closer to your ideal career. 

Here are the steps we'll work through together in more detail:

Step 1: The Soul's Calling Roadmap for Career Transition

When you're motivated by purpose & meaning it's essential to do work that feeds your soul & really makes a difference. But it's so easy to get sidetracked by old patterns around career, work, money and success. Especially when everyone is telling you that you "should" be happy and you "should" stay in a career that looks great on paper, but is slowly sucking the life out of you. 

The Soul's Calling Roadmap is a map of transition that outlines all the steps you need to take to get from where you are now - to work & a life full of meaning and purpose. In this module, we'll explore where you're at on the Soul's Calling Roadmap right now - and what that means in terms of your next steps to connect who you are to a meaningful career you love.

Step 2: Know Who You Are & What You Want

Most career coaching programs focus on looking at your skills and experiences and fitting you into a job posting. But when you're motivated by meaning and purpose, this approach simply doesn't work. Why? Because in order to uncover the work that feeds your soul - you need to start with YOU first.

That's why in this module you'll take your first steps in getting clear on your unique personality style, gifts, genius & how you're naturally motivated & work best - and explore the "why" behind what you do by connecting to your values & the threads of your purpose.

By the end of this step, you'll be able to answer these five important questions that you need to be clear on BEFORE you can design your ideal career:

  1. Who Are You? Your core strengths, personality style, values, talents, gifts & unique genius
  2. How Do You Naturally Work Best? Your natural flow, motivation & energy
  3. What Do You Want? Your definition of success
  4. Why Do You Want It? Your purpose, what's meaningful to you

 You'll summarize everything in your Who Are You? workbook - that you'll use as a guide & litmus test through the rest of the course. 

Step 3: Excavate Your Social Programming

If you're searching for a career full of meaning and purpose, then it's highly likely that you're an empathic and intuitive woman. It's also likely that you care deeply for others, want everyone around you to feel happy and fulfilled, and don't love the idea of conflict or rocking the boat.

And this is both part of your unique gifts & genius - and also a double edged sword. Why? Because when you want to please others - it's so easy to make decisions based on what other people want for you (to make them happy) vs. what you TRULY want for yourself, deep down. 

That's why in this module, we're going to excavate all of the social programming (other people's rules) that has been placed on you by your family, your culture, your education, your peers, your work, and society and general - and sort out which of the rules you've been living by belong to someone else - and which belong to you! You'll stop defining success based on other people's expectations - and create a new definition of success based on who YOU are. A definition that will help guide your career decisions.

Step 4: Outline Your Ideal Career Profile

In this module, we'll bring together all of the work you've done on who you are, what you want, & your definition of success - and create your Ideal Career Profile. This is a document that outlines everything that makes up your ideal career.

You'll use this document as a guide to exploring & finding your best next career step in the real world. This document will serve as a tangible guide to make sure you choose only those opportunities that are moving you in your right direction.

It's also equally important as a litmus test for NOT accidentally taking or staying in jobs that sound great on paper (aka make lots of money and sound great to your spouse or parents) - but effectively lead you off track - or keep you stuck in the same type of soul-sucking job you're trying to stay away from.

Step 5: Take Action, Test & Tweak!

It's not enough to dream & scheme your ideal career or put it down on paper, in order to REALLY know if this career direction is right for you - you need to test it out in the real world. But how do you do that without applying for your next job straightaway?

The answer is: Small career experiments. Yes - there are ways that you can test & tweak your ideal career in the real world - without the risk or commitment of applying for a job. 

Together, we'll identify the best type of career experiments for you to take action on - so you can make sure your next career is completely in line with what you really want. And the best part? These small career experiments are often what lead you directly to your perfect next career. 

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