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Have You Fallen Out of Love With Your Career?

If you're a passionate professional and feel frustrated, tired or unaligned in the career you're supposed to love - then you're in the right place! 

Does this sound like you?
 When you started your career you felt sparked full of passion, purpose and energy. You did all the right things and followed all the right steps. But along the way something went wrong, and your career no longer feels like the vision you had when you started. It no longer feels like YOU.

 So now you're stuck. You long to get that spark back, to feel connected, aligned & energized again, but you’re tired, frustrated and keep spinning your wheels trying to pinpoint exactly what's wrong so you can start getting back on track... it the overall focus of your career? it your specific position, the tasks you do day-to-day? it the industry you're in? Your specific company? The corporate culture? it the people you work with, your team, your boss? it your work environment, your actual workspace, schedule, flexibility or options for remote/hybrid work?

...or is it where you're working, the city, location, amenities, or commute? 

You just don't know. And until you do, you won't be able to get that spark back. That feeling of purpose, flow, alignment and energy that makes all the difference. 

You Can Feel That Spark Again

by connecting who you are to everything you do

Hi! I’m Nicole - Certified Sparketypes Advisor, Master Soul's Calling Coach, & Master Certified Marketing Consultant.  

And I help  passionate professionals like you finally do WHAT you love in a WAY you love – by aligning every aspect of your career and work around who you are & how you naturally work best. 

I know, because I’m a passionate professional just like you. In fact, I’ve spent my 20 year career searching for ways to “fix” my work by connecting who I am to everything I do – whether it was my marketing job, consulting business, or coaching career.

Plus, I've helped worked with hundreds of passionate professionals, coaches, consultants and solopreneurs spark their work through my own programs and as a coach instructor for Martha Beck's Wayfinder Coach Training and Bev Barnes' Soul's Calling Coach Training. 

What I’ve learned is that the key to loving what you do is aligning every aspect of your career with who you are & how you naturally work best.

Why? Because when you connect who you are to your career you’re passionate, inspired, motivated and more likely to wake up curious about the day ahead, come home feeling fulfilled, and have energy and focus for the other important areas of your life. 

On the other hand, when you design your career based on what you think other people want, financial success alone, or how you think you “should” work, every day can seem like a meaningless struggle, you wake up tired and dreading the day ahead, and come home tired, which impacts every area of your life.

So if you're a passionate professional and are frustrated & tired in the career you're supposed to love - you're in the right place! 

What Is Your Sparketype?

Your Sparketype is the imprint for the work that makes you come alive. So if you're a passionate professional and feel like you've lost your spark - this is a perfect first step to figure out exactly what's off & how to get that spark back:

Here's What We'll Do Together:

Spark Your Career is a career coaching program for passionate professionals who need to feel authentic, aligned & purposeful in everything they do.

We'll meet weekly for a 60 minute call and in between sessions you'll access tools, resources and complete action steps:

  • We'll begin by getting clear on where you're at right now on Your Career Roadmap, and really understand who you are & what makes you feel the most alive through the lens of Sparketypes and personality psychology. 
  • Then, we'll create your Sparked Canvas - which will serve as a tool to evaluate what feels aligned and not aligned in your career right now - and make the right decisions to bring your work more in line with who you are & how you naturally work best.
  • Finally, we'll go deep into every aspect of your career to see what's really working & not working, and bring everything back in line with what feels the most like YOU. 

By the end of this program, you'll know exactly where your career is aligned with who you are, and where you can make some changes to feel more energized, alive & inspired in your work. And when you're a passionate professional - this is what makes all the difference. 

1. Your Career Roadmap

The Soul's Calling Roadmap is a map of transition from your survival work to work that lights you up. Our first step is to orient where you are on the Soul's Calling Roadmap right now and identify any gaps or missed steps - and your goals and expectations for our work together.  

2. Your Sparketype

Your Sparketype is the imprint for the work that makes you feel most alive. Really knowing and understanding your Sparketype is one of the best ways to help you make the decisions in your career that make you feel the most aligned, energized and fulfilled - and the least drained, frustrated and uninspired.   

3. Your Sparked Canvas

Your Sparked Canvas is a one-page, visual profile that builds on your Sparketype to include other important preferences and actionable values. This is a powerful day-to-day and big picture decision-making tool that will help you to make better choices leading to more aligned, purposeful outcomes both in this program - and as you move forward in your career. 

4. Spark Your Career Review

Now it's time to review your career through the lens of your Sparketype & Sparked Canvas to see where you're aligned or need to make some changes. We'll look at:

  • Your career path
  • Your job & day-to-day tasks
  • Your industry and company
  • Your work environment, the people, and corporate culture
  • Your work structure, your day-to-day schedule + the tools & technology you use
  • Where you work - the city, location and workspace
5. Get Sparked Action Plan

Now that you're more clear on the type of work that lights you up and where you're feeling sparked or depleted in your current work, it's time to put an action plan together to support you in moving closer to your ideal career.

Your action plan may include using your Sparked Canvas to make key career decisions in one or more of these areas:

  • Your current job: Making small changes to feel more sparked in your current work
  • Your current company: Identifying a position change in your current organization
  • New company: Exploring similar work in a new organization
  • New career direction: Exploring a new career path
  • Self-employment: Working for yourself

Get Started with an "Ideal Next Steps" Session: 

This is NOT a sales call.... in your free session, we'll talk about your unique  goals & challenges, and I can help you determine your ideal next step, whether it's one of our programs - or something else!

There will be no pressure to sign up or make a decision on this call. This is a chance for us to get to know each other, and for me to guide you toward your right next step. I'll follow up with an email so you can make your right decision in your own time.

One of my passions is helping other passionate professionals & business owners figure out the direction that's right for them. So whether or not we end up working together - I would love to talk! So don't hesitate to book your call. 

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