7 Steps to a Business You Love 

Connect Who You Are to What You Love to Do

Stop Living Someone Else’s Life. Embrace Who You Are & Design an Ergonomic Career or Business that You Love

I spent 15 years in a corporate marketing career that slowly sucked the life out of me.

Everyone saw me as successful. Everyone thought I should feel lucky, happy, grateful. But inside I was dying. I knew I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do. And I knew my workplace was completely out of alignment with who I was.

But how could I change this? I had to make money. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. I didn’t want to make a mistake. And I was too old to start over.

As an Endorsed Soul’s Calling Coach and Master Certified Marketing Consultant, I specialize in helping intuitive, soul-centered  professionals like you connect who you are to a career or business you love.

And I know it works, because that’s what I finally did. It was scary, it was hard work, and it was worth it.

I left my soul-sucking career behind, and started on my journey as an entrepreneur. I launched my first business as a marketing consultant & business coach, and then relaunched as a coach for passionate professionals & solopreneurs who want more.

And finally, at 45 years old, I am finally doing what I truly love – and I know you can too.

My Story: How I Got Here

Hi – I’m Nicole – serial job hopper turned corporate hell escapee turned exhausted business owner turned love what you do again coach.

So how did I get here? After 20 years in the corporate marketing world & running my own marketing consulting business, I knew that I needed more. So I began my journey to become a life coach. I thought I would leave my business and marketing career behind forever and find my true purpose elsewhere.

Instead, I discovered a part of business and marketing I truly loved. A place where I knew I could be of real service. That area is helping soul-centered professionals embrace who they really are – and design ergonomic careers, businesses and marketing systems that they love.

Why is this important? Because I believe that there are so many amazing soul-centered professionals in the world who aren’t embracing who they are. Who aren’t doing what they love. Who aren’t sharing their unique medicine with their tribes – and the world that so desperately needs it.

And if I can play just a small part in helping more soul-centered professionals like you get your important voice and work out into the world, then I will have fulfilled my own soul’s purpose – and hopefully helped to make this world a slightly better place for us all.